Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Judgment:: A Life Lesson

Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances.

--Wayne Dyer

I ran across an incredibly, AMAZING post by one of my blogging friends, Karie, over at the The Five Fish on the act of judging.

"What I am amazed by is not by the act of judgment, we all pre-judge to some degree in life, I am amazed by the wicked passing of judgment," says Karie. "The fact people will vomit malevolent statements based on their own ignorance. "

While reading this particular post, I couldn't help but realize halfway through that if I had to write down my personal feelings on the subject of judgment in a blog post, it would look exactly like hers-I was amazed because she actually explained my thoughts better then I ever could on the subject!

I love my family and my friends so incredibly much, my heart swells at the thought of all the possible love in one body, but I hate, hate, hate it when they pass judgment on me or other people, places and things around them.

Of course I'm not sitting here and telling you all that I'm judgment free, but I can honestly say I'm better then most people I know-If I catch myself passing judgment, I try to remedy my line of thinking or catch myself in the act so that I can exchange the judgment I just passed with some sort of positive compliment.

I hate to be judged, so why would I do it to others?

"Maybe the fact remains is that people judge so harshly based on his or her own fears, insecurities, bold jealousy, or the flat fact that they REFUSE to accept that other people have a way of life very different from his or her own. Thus they shove their opinion and “their way” down another’s throat, going as far as to violate boundaries, destroy relationships, exhibit public humiliation, and failing to find the even keel to say “I agree to disagree, your life, your decisions, not mine, no bearing."

So my very serious question for you all today is, why? Why pass judgment on others you really don't know or understand? Does it somehow make you feel better about yourself and your life?

Maybe next time you catch yourself passing a judgment about someone you really don't know, you can do what I do and swap it for a compliment instead. While your at it, pay Karie a visit and read her extraordinary post on judging others HERE!

Love and Energies.


KarieK said...

My heart swells my love! I am so honored. I think we pass judgment to ease our own self-loathing, or because we think we can judge. Who knows. But as you said, we try to remedy because another person is truly on the other end of our gavel. Love you!

Michelle | UPrinting said...

I think you should really think hard before judging a person, but don't especially say like super mean things. Everyone has feelings.

Anonymous said...

What a cool post. I so agree about judging and I do catch myself doing it sometimes.

Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more Kayla. While I have judged others before, I really do try not to because every person is different and who am I to say I'm better? Off to check karie's post.