Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Mingle(3/15)

Welcome to February 1st's Monday Mingle sponsored by Jennifer 'Speedy' over at Eighty MPH Mom!!

What is Monday Mingle?

If your interested in participating, Monday Mingle is basically where a bunch of fellow bloggers get together and answer a few pre-specified questions through video blog, then post their video on their blog and link it up so other people can see your video!

If your interested for more info, check out This Post-Happy Vlogging Everyone!


Our questions for this week:

1. If you were forced to choose between skydiving, base jumping off a skyscaper, or rock climbing, which would you choose?

2. Are you an aggressive or defensive driver?

3. Due to a sour economy the genie can only grant you ONE wish. What would it be?

**Hopefully video to come soon**

Love and Energies.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

1. I will prob just have an heart attack just thinking to any of the above.
2. Aggressive *sigh* (hate to drive)
3. Happyness and peace in the world :)