Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Karie, Seedology and a Kick Butt Vlog!

My friend Karie over at The Five Fish just recently did a vlog post for a contest that is being held by Seedology on why she is inspired to go green.

I can honestly say this vlog ROCKED my Mother-Earth-Lovin' socks off-I really hope that she wins because she's doing quite a lot when it comes to the green department :)

Join me in supporting her and give her video a watch!!

**Note:: I was not compensated or prompted in any way to post this article-I did it for the sheer fact that Karie is an awesome person who did an equally awesome contest entry vlog**


KarieK said...

You must stop...LOL You will make my ego grow. I love you woman! Did you mingle or did I miss it...cause I am way lame!

Anonymous said...

How cool is she??? Even her eyes are a beautiful green. I hope she wins!!!!

kailani said...

She looks and sounds great on video. I wish I was as professional.