Thursday, March 18, 2010

Health Update Thursday(3/18)

Where do I start!?

This week has been a whirlwind, yet all at the same time it feels like it has gone by comically slow(is that a phrase?).

I started my speech class on Monday and I'm pretty happy with it-The teacher is pretty wonderful and the class is great so I think I'm going to feel pretty comfortable giving speeches(or so I think...we shall see!).

Tuesday was my first intro to human biology class and as I sit there listening to the teacher tell me how hard this class is going to be, I'm pretty much internally tweakin' out a bit. Man, after I left that class my legs ached pretty bad >.<

FYI, stress brings on the leg pain and symptom flair ups.

Right now, I'm just trying to juggle my homework and not completely crash and burn-I'm slowly trying to take on the whole whatever-will-be-will-be mindset, but it's hard for a perfectionist like myself.

Oh, I did my second exercise pole dancing class yesterday with a friend of mine and I can honestly say I'm COMPLETELY in love with the whole practice. I even tried to get my mum to agree to me getting a pole for the house but to no avail...


All in all, it's going very well! Although, I'm going to take today off to try to get homework and future posts done.

I still love you guys :D :D :D

Have a wonderful, amazing, beautiful Thursday!


Unknown said...

Yay for YOU! I have been trying to keep up but computer is locking up and takes ten times longer to do one simple thing!
So glad to hear you are at school and i know you will do well, Kayla!

try not to stress too much...yah, we know what THAT does. Hope all is well...I saw a tweet that said you were feeling a change and it "hurt so good"...hope you are on a great tx program and will continue to build! Speech GOT THAT!!!! good luck!

Unknown said...

Ok if I can put myself on a vlog YOU can do a speech.. nothing to it ...POle dancing?? I want one in my bedroom lol...otherwise my children would think it is for them to shimmy up and slide down

Anonymous said...

Oh no, so sorry you were stressing and having pain. Wish I had a magic wand to wave and make it all go away for you. I admire you so much for doing all you do in the midst of it. I know I could never get through it.

Luv ya, too! :0)

Erica said...

pole dancing sounds like a TON of fun. Maybe I should look into that. What great exercise!

Amy said...

Wow good for you and the school work. I hope your leg feels better..

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you were stressing about the classes. Hopefully in a day or two things will settle down.

Okay I want pictures of the whole pole dancing thing. Video!!!! I dare you for the next Monday Mingle. Mwahahahahhaaa!

Unknown said...

Deep breath!! No stress ok? You're gonna do awesome like in everything you do!

Pricousins said...

I left you an Easter Basket on my blog!

I hope you stop by and check it out, as it's for a good cause!

Silvergirl said...

good u enjoy :) but dont make your self stress so much!!

Matty said...

I glad to hear that classes seem to be going okay so far. Something tells me you'll do just fine in biology.

Now this pole dancing thing. Is there still room for my wife? LOL