Thursday, March 4, 2010

Health Update Thursday {Amongst Other Things}

Yes, it is indeed Thursday again, which means another Health Update Thursday post regarding me, myself, and I!

I think this is going to be a very short update, however, because nothing of importance has taken place since the last update-I DID start back on the Fungiheal, which is the supplement I was on a few weeks ago before my sister kindly shared her germies with me.

I stopped it for awhile because I felt my body couldn't handle that AND being sick at the same time, so I took a break for awhile and that break happened to end the beginning of this week-This is also the stuff that made me utterly and completely exhausted, which I got to experience again a second time around >.<

I'm still feeling the effects, but I'm sleeping better *knocks on wood* and actually doing things during the day, so essentially I can't complain!

In other news, I decided to take the day off today and treat myself to a day of jewelry making, reading and research(I'm a crazy person who likes to learn)-It's nice just to be able to do things without worrying about time restraints :)

I'll be around though, don't you worry!!

Love and Energies.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you don't have any complaints. I just love your amazing attitude.

Enjoy your days off today! Have fun and see you soon.

Amy said...

Sending tons of hugs your way.. I hope you feel better soon..

Unknown said...

A break is good! Hope the fungus will go away pronto and leave you alone!

Jill said...

Hope you're having a Wonderful and Relaxing Thursday!

Unknown said...

I so admire your positive attitude! Have a wonderful day relaxing and doing the things you love!