Monday, March 22, 2010

First Week of School:: An Update

Okay people.

So, last week was my first official week of schooling with an introduction to Speech on Monday, and Biology on Tuesday and Thursdays.

I can honestly say Speech is Oh-Kaaaaaay.....I think.....We'll see when it comes time to give my first speech this Friday.

Biology is a WHOLE other can of atoms-Or was it molecules?

Basically, the Biology I took is condensed into 8 weeks like I explained, but I don't think I really comprehended what that actually meant at the time >.<

I've already been to class twice, and this Thursday is our first test on chapters 1 through 4, but here is the kicker:: The 4 classes I will have been to is the equivalent of 4 weeks of class if I were in a regular semester-long class.

What in the HELL have I gotten myself into!?

I'm just focusing on studying (ALOT) and breathing so I don't end up flipping my lid.

Good plan huh?

I'm trying to keep up with my blogging but I'm not going to lie; it's hard. I still need to find a good balance, but in the mean time, please know that I'm still here and not ignoring your emails, comments, blog posts, contest, etc.

If you guys have any advice on Speech, Biology, blogging or even how to juggle all three, it's greatly appreciated :)

Hope the start of this week is a great one for ya'll.

Love and Energies to all!


Anonymous said...

Biology is a killer. I didn't get to finish mine cause other plans got in the way. I think for now, you might try to focus mainly on your schoolwork and keep the blog running as best you can. We understand!

Kathleen W. said...

I went to a college that actually didn't require much in the way of sciences, at least for English majors, so I managed to avoid bio. Oddly enough all 4 of my brothers because biologists or chemists.

Definitely focus on your schoolwork, and don't worry about updating us! We'll still be lurking for when you get a moment to share your life.

Matty said...

Kayla, your school work comes first. You should concentrate on that. One suggestion I have with blogging to help save time is to stop replying to comments. That takes up a lot of time. For example, just don't reply to my comment. I know you read it at some point, and I don't expect a reply as you usually do. We are all crunched for time, and in an effort to save time myself and for my sanity, I've all but given up responding to comments. We read posts, we write comments, we write posts......responding to comments unless for a specific reason, is just to time consuming.

Now I don't want to hear back from you about this.... :-)

Unknown said...

Awww Kayla I feel you! Not big advice here, just manage your time, study a reasonable amount EVERY DAY from the FIRST DAY, so you don't fell behind and feel like drawing in the notions! I'm sure you'll do just wonderful my friend, watch and see :)

JaMean said...

Well,first, Congratulations, and second, Good Luck!

When I tried to balance school, blogging and single mommy-ing, blogging lost. I would think about what I wanted to blog and budget myself time. I gave myself time ONLY if my homework was finished.

And, sheesh, BIOLOGY SUCKS! You will be in my prayers! I know you can do it! :)

Silvergirl said...

I agree with Matty :) You dont need to reply each comment, just read and prioritized your study first :)

Good luck to your study