Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Supporting My Tribe: Sandier Pastures

Continuing my blogging challenge from SITS, another person that I included in my 'blogging tribe' that I feel a connected to is the beautiful Grace of Sandier Pastures!

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Grace and her blog track daily life in the desert-all the good, bad and downright interesting aspects of being an expat. If your unsure of what an expat is or want to know more about life in Dubai, you can check out an interview Grace did HERE.

And if you want to catch my interview I did with Grace awhile back, go HERE.

Anywho, she hasn't always lived in the sunny desert of Dubai, though. No, Grace was offered a job three years ago and decided to take the opportunity which means relocating from her home in Japan! So her and her family, a loving husband and a downright adorable little girl named Pristine, made the drastic move, leaving the mountains of Japan for a foreign land they new very little about.

That takes guts in my opinion!

I've followed Grace since I started blogging almost a year or so ago(give or take) and I'm awestruck and completely envious of some of the opportunities she comes across, not to mention her life in general-Here are just a few examples of her adventures:

*There are mountains! There is water!
*At the top of Burj Khalifa

If you want to quench your wanderlust, if only for the time it takes to read a blog post, I highly suggest popping on over to Sandier Pastures and giving Grace a read! You will find all sorts of things from posts on her native Japan to her current home in Dubai. Her family and gorgeous daughter. Her many funfilled adventures.

Oh, and if your lucky, maybe a giveaway or two ;-)

Until tomorrow!

Love and Energies.


Amy said...

What a nice way to show off a friend... Have a great day..

Kathleen W. said...

What a great story! I read her interview and was fascinated. I didn't know much about Dubai, but it seems like an interesting place.

Anonymous said...

Such a pleasure to meet Grace. I like these tribe posts!

Unknown said...

Interesting to know about Dubai and how curious that we both moved in a foreign place away from our birth place! Very brave indeed!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I, too, adore Grace... she has such a love of Pristine and it shines through in her post. She is also such a marvelous photographer.
I'm glad you were able to share her with your readers so everyone can learn what a terrific person she is!