Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Supporting my Tribe: Midday Escapades

What is there to say about Lynn?! Well, let's start off with the fact that she is the original founder of Midday Escapades, a blog about finding your daily escape amid the chaos of life. You can find many different things on Midday Escapades, some of which are reviews, giveaways, features, different memes and so much more!

Actually, I have just recently become acquainted with Lynn, BUT can I remember how we became friends-Of course not! LOL I can say, however, it was either through one of our many memes in common or some sort of giveaway :)

A little about Lynn:

The lovely lady Lynn is located in the everything-is-bigger-down-here state of Texas and currently works as a 9 to 5 'desk jockey' as she called it. If your not aware of the term desk jockey, it's basically a fancy term for secretary ;)

She has been blogging since August of 2009 and to date has 1130 followers on Google Friend Connect, 1524 subscribers via email and a Google page rank of 3! Now tell me that's not hard work, talent and dedication at it's best!

If you want to learn more about Lynn, just take a look at the interview I did with her(Viewable Here) back in November of 09'.

Currently, Lynn has a TON of giveaways going on over at her site so make sure to check out what she is offering!! Here is a little taste of what she's giving away...

Win a Bake Me A Wish Chocolate Mousse Torte Cake!!

Ends February 13, 2009

Enter Here

Win a $25 Gift Certificate to EcoStore USA!!

Ends February 13, 2009

Enter Here

Win a 10" Open Skillet from Xtrema Healthy Cookware!!

Ends February 13, 2009

Enter Here

Make sure to head on over to Midday Escapades and say Hi to Lynn-Maybe even explore her site and see what she is all about. You might find that you have a lot in common(that's how we met)!! And DEFINITELY enter some of those giveaways ;-)


Amy said...

I do enjoy her blog.. I am having my Round Robin on Friday if you want to join in..

Have a great day.

Unknown said...

I already LOVE her blog and am a follower but great one to call part of your tribe..

Cindy said...

You're right, Lynn's blog is a perfect example of online success! Hard to believe she's only had her Midday Escapades site since August of 2009 and over 1,000followers! That chocolate cake give away sure is sweet...I'll have to enter.
Aw, that teddy bear you received last year from your sister's boyfriend is really sweet....what an nice guy!

Mary T Designs said...

Thanks for introducing Midday Excapades to me. I read through some posts and loved it!

Anonymous said...

What is this??? I am completely blown away by this spotlight post. I had no idea you were doing this. I am so honored, Kayla. I so enjoy our friendship and thank you for this post and for including me in your tribe! :0)

Mrs. M said...

Lynn's blog is great! :)

Unknown said...

Entered them all!! I hope I get the cake LOL