Thursday, February 11, 2010

Supporting My Tribe: Crocheted Little Things

You know, I'm really enjoying highlighting my blogging 'tribe'-I've always loved to help others so this is definitely right up my alley :)

Today, I want to bring attention my good friend Lu of Crocheted Little Things and Crocheted Little Things 2 on Etsy, as well as, Crocheted Little Things on Artfire!

I did a feature on Lu and her shop(s) in the past(Viewable Here) which is how we inevitably met, but these days we are loyal followers of each others blogs-Not to mention that she is my gluten free, wheat free buddy! Lol

A little about Lu:

Lu is a twenty six year old mother of two who is actually a native resident of Italy and just moved to the United States within the last few years-She started her passion for crocheting when she was around 9 or 10 years old from her mother who was also an avid crocheter.

As her name states, you can find some great and downright adorable crocheted items for everyday life and decorative use-Lu is also quite fond of cupcakes so you can see that theme throughout her work as well!

She also has a blog(you guessed it), Crocheted Little Things on Blogspot! If your a fan of Lu and her work, definitely sign up for her newsletter and follow her blog because it's filled with wonderful discounts, specials and even a few giveaways ;-)

Speaking of which, here are a few goodies that you can enter for:

Win Your Choice of Scrabble Tile Pendant and Chain from Pieces of Me Pendants!!

Ends February 17, 2010

Enter Here

Win an Adorable Crocheted Bed Air Freshener Doll in White!!

Ends February 19, 2010

Enter Here

If you happen to have a moment to spare, stop on over at Lu's site and take a look around-Maybe enter her giveaways and see what else she has to offer!

Love and Energies.


Mary T Designs said...

I admire anyone who can crochet something that actually turns out as intended. My crocheted items usually are lopsided, have holes, or are a totally different size than intended - LOL!

KarieK said...

I love crochet...I lost interest though when I found I was a better cook! LOL But I commend anyone with the talent to craft from hand. Those are some super giveaways!

Unknown said...

awww thank you Kayla!! That's so sweet of you and you made this woman warm and fuzzy inside even with temperature below the 0 outside!!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

My gramma use to crochet and she tried to teach me, but the only thing I could do was a chain, which was never very practical. Lu's things are quite lovely.