Monday, February 8, 2010

Supporting my Tribe: Rose Works Jewelry

Ruthie is one of my very dear friends that I met in the very beginning of my blogging career-I'm not exactly sure when or how we met, but I know I'm so very glad we did!

Here is some information about Ruthie from her profile:

"Hi! My name is Ruthie and I have been creating jewelry, for fun, since I was a freshmen in High School. Over the years I've mostly made projects for my family and friends, including all the jewelry for my wedding in 2007, but I've had people telling me for a long time that I should sell my work. So here I am!"

Like me, Ruthie has multiple health issues that are severe enough to affect her day to day life, so we both understand one another when it comes to that department. We are also very similar because we are both avid lovers and designers of jewelry; Ruthie has her own Etsy and Artfire shops under the name Rose Works Jewelry where you can see some of her lovely beadwoven, hemp and other beaded jewelry designs...

Speaking of which, take a look at a few of her pieces:

Set Me Free Butterfly Free Form Peyote Bracelet

Custom Spiral Hemp Bracelet

Falling Stars Dangle Earrings

Not only does she make fantastic jewelry and have not one, but two Etsy shops, Ruthie holds down at least 3 blogs: Rose Works Jewelry, Rose Works Jewelry Treasury Blog, and A Jedi's Musings on Blogspot.

If you get a chance at all today, please visit Ruthie at her store(s) or blog(s)!

Love and Energies.


Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Aww Kayla - you almost made me cry! I just got this from Google Alerts... And you know how rough this last weekend has been - this made me smile/cry all at once!

Unknown said...

WOW those spiral bracelets are really pretty!!!