Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief *Movie Review*

Movie Synopsis

Percy Jackson(Logan Lerman) is, by all accounts, a normal teenage boy-He has a best friend, Grover(Brandon T. Jackson), an adoring mother and complete ass of a stepfather. He is enrolled at his local high school and has an abnormal love for being in the water. As for his biological father, all Percy knows of him is that he left when Percy was real young, so there isn't much memory of him.

On a field trip to the local museum, Percy runs into something that he can't quite explain, and just as one life dissipates, another is reborn-That, and he realizes that things are NOT as they appear. Percy learns his life is something beyond his wildest dreams: He's descended from the Greek Gods(Poseidon to be more specific)!

Of course, what is good news without the bad? This other world he's just discovered is under the assumption (don't assume cause it makes an ass out of u and me LOL) that he has stolen something very valuable and will stop at nothing to get it back (for both good and not so good purposes).

Thrown into a camp for 'special' people like himself, Percy, Grover and their new friend Annabeth, daughter of Athena(Alexandra Daddario) make plans to sneak off and find whomever is responsible for the stolen object and the framing of Percy Jackson-Oh, and of course an impending war between all of the Greek Gods!

My Thoughts:

I had very high hopes for this movie when I first saw the trailer-From some people's accounts, I had heard the movie being referring to as 'the new Harry Potter,' so of course I'm going to have some high hopes for this film!

However upon seeing the movie, those high hopes pretty much jumped from their tall pedestal and did a swan dive right smack dab to the floor...

The only thing good about this movie is the casting; They had some pretty strong actors and actresses throughout this movie. However, that's where the good and decent ends.

The plot is decent, but DEFINITELY not thought out as good as it could have been-This movie could have been amazing with a big, fat capitol A, but it completely lacked any sort of depth and demention. They could have put SO much more into it, which is what angers me the most!

All in all, the whole movie went by way too fast and lacked in details that could have made it great. If you have kids between the ages of 7 to about 12, I think they would enjoy this movie, but other then that, I don't suggest spending the money for a ticket.

**This is an opinion solely based on my thoughts and opinions of the movie in question and no one elses. I was not influenced one way or another to write the subject matter in this review, so if you don't like it or don't agree with it, that is your choice and I fully respect it so please extend me the same curtsy**


Kathleen W. said...

I was wondering how it is, not that I planned to go see it. It did seem very Harry Potter-ish, but Chris Columbus' movies often have the same feel.

Have you read any of the Percy Jackson books?

Michelle | Uprinting said...

It looks really cool. I think I might just watch it but they say it is not very true to the book.

Sadako said...

I feel the same way about Chris Columbus, Kathleen, though I haven't seen this yet.

Cool review and great site!