Friday, February 5, 2010

Mr. Sunglasses, Relaxation and The Rut

So yesterday I woke up at a surprisingly late hour(I try to get up at 10:00am to start my day out earlier, but yesterday I slept all the way until 1:00pm which I haven't done in a couple of weeks), with a raging headache bordering on a migraine and that whole jittery-sick-to-your-stomach feeling.

Oh, so pleasant right!?

I propelled myself out of the bed and searched the room for my best friend whenever I have a headache, Mr. Sunglasses-I found them in my clothing armoire(what they are doing in there I have NO idea).

Both of my parents who saw me at two separate times when I woke up said, 'Uh Oh-Who's behind them Foster Grants?' Which I thought was pretty funny cause it shows you how much alike they think :)

Anyway, this is why I didn't post anything besides my Health Update Friday yesterday and why I'm taking it easy today as well-I hope to use this time to just relax and get some things done.

Please bare with me-I feel horrible because I really haven't been blogging and posting like I should be! Hopefully I'll get my 'groove' back soon-Does anyone have any tips on inspiration when it comes to blogging? I feel like I'm just blogging the same exact things.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Love and Energies.


Mary T Designs said...

Awe!! Sorry about the migrane. I know that hurts!!

Unknown said...

sorry bout the mgraine hun, hoping you feel better soon.. inspriations?? umm not really lol.. maybe headlines lol and your take on them

Unknown said...

Sorry about the sickness.
About the blog, I found all you posts funny, no matter what you blog about. However, when I get the blues and I feel like I don't like anything I write and seems to be more a chore for me I just take a break for a couple of days :)

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Oh,SO know where you are coming from. I've had them where I can't even get out of bed and have to have a pillow over my head so NO light get's into my eyes!