Monday, March 1, 2010

*Happy Dancing*

It is Monday, March 1, 2010

May I just do a little happy dance!?

I'm so tweakin' excited that Spring is almost here-Seriously, I think I can feel it :)

With the beginning of March, there are a few things I have to look forward to this month:

  • March 7th-My friend's Oscar Party (still have that costume delema)
  • March 8th-My sister's 19th Birthday
  • March 10th-My 1 year Blogaversary!!
  • March 12th-One of my best friend's Birthdays
  • March 15th-A secret surprise I'll blog about closer to that date ;)
  • March 17th-St. Patrick's Day
  • March 21st-First day of SPRING!

It looks like March is going to be a big month for me!! I hope you guys will stick around to see what all I have planned with my life and of course my blog!

Happy March 1st Everyone.

Love and Energies.


Linda B said...

Thanks for the happy dance. I needed a smile.

Matty said...

So much for the Ides of March.

Michelle | UPrinting said...

LOL it really is dancing! hahah It's so funny how it cracks while moving around.

kailani said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on this month! How fun!

Unknown said...

I think you every right for an happy dancing!
Don't forget Easter is coming too, it's a very inspiring time of the year!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Love the dancing stick figure, he is adorable.
Bill's birthday is the 8th also, but he is a bit older than your sister, TeeHee, he'll be 68.
On March 15th, we will be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary... WooHoo! Can't wait for your surprise announcement.
We totally LOVE St. Patty's day as we are both Irish and went on our honeymoon to Ireland (landed in Ireland on St. Patty's Day).
And we SO cannot wait for SPRING!!