Sunday, February 21, 2010


Make sure to check out my giveaway over at my bloggy buddy's site, Midday Escapades!!

I don't know what made me want to do a giveaway, but I just got inspired and I'm glad that my friend could offer her every growing knowledge and services :)

(Don't worry-I'm still trying to think of a good thing to do for hitting the big 4-0-0)

For details on the giveaway and to enter, Go Here.

Good luck!


Coupon Clippin Mommy said...

I will have to check that out, I love jewelry. I gave you an award- you can read about it here:

Silvergirl said...

i love giveaway!! but its only for US resident :)

goodluck to the giveaway :) i follow u in twitter

Mary T Designs said...

Give away? I am there!