Friday, February 19, 2010

Feature Blogger Friday(2/19)-Keeping up with the Schultz Family

Happy Friday everyone! For those of you who actually do something during the duration of the week, I'm sure the promise of a weekend is a refreshing one!

Today I bring you a blogger that I just recently met, but who has made quite an impression on me-She is now a frequent reader and commenter of my blog and I'm more then happy to be able to feature her ^.^

Meet Amy of Keeping up with the Schultz Family!

Q. What’s your name and blog? What other information would you like to share?

Hi, My name is Amy and you can find me at Keeping Up With The Schultz Family. My blog is filled with many different things. It is mostly a way for me to keep a little journal on myself and my family..

Q. Why did you choose that name for your blog?

This may sound silly but I really like the show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." I thought since that is a show about a family why not use it (my family is nothing like their family at all, though).

Q. Why did you start blogging?

I had a few friends who blogged. It looked like they were having fun. I decided it would be a great way to write about my life, and family. Plus meet some new people.

Q. What kind of stuff do you cover with your blog? Is there a specific genre you write about or is the sky the limit?

On my blog you can find what happens in my family. I also like to craft, bake, and sometimes cook. I will also join in on a few tags, Memes or blog carnivals that may be going on.
I also host two events on my blog. One is called the Round Robin.
This is what you do for the Round Robin:
It is time to post something fun on your blog that you would like to share with other bloggers. Like a craft idea, fashion tips, a recipe, a poem, a "Meme" you may have on your page, a giveaway, if you have a business(ESTY Shop) show off what you have, or anything your little heart desires. It can even be an old post you may have that you want to share. After you have your idea ready you come back to my blog and link up.Then you keep coming back to see more ideas, learn something new and even meet some new blogging friends.

My next Round Robin is Friday March 12th. I hope to see some of you there..

My Second one is called "Family Fridays"

I just started hosting this new event on my blog. I am co-hosting this event with another blogger Lori@The Peterson Family. She is the one who came up with this idea and ask me to help her out. This is hosted every Friday on our blogs. Of course I do not host this event when I have my Round Robin.

Here is what you do for Family Fridays:

All you have to do is write about your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins.
You can share a favorite memory from growing up.
Or you can even tell a story that was told you to by your great-grandparents moving
to the USA from another country.
You can even talk about your own family and your children.
This is a time for you to share your family memories.

Our button...

Q. What is one must read post that you have written {Include Link}?

Since we are just barely into 2010 this is easy..
I really like this post "I just want to be a Mermaid"

Q. Name one thing you love about your blogging job.
I enjoy all of the people I have met. I have been doing this now for two years. I really did not know what I was doing when I started. I like that it is a time for me to express myself. Then I get a chance to read others stories they share. It is amazing..

Q. Name one thing you’re not quite fond of about your blogging job.

I do not like seeing others being rude in comments. It is your blog and you should be able to write what you want. If you do not like that post then do not leave a comment. Just move on.

Q. What’s one random fact about you?

I have said this before so some bloggers already know this but Judy Garland is my Great Aunt.
I am left handed...

Q. Inspiration comes in many forms for different people. What inspires you?

I will say there is a lot of different things that inspires me.. My Mom is such a kind and caring person. She has shown me how to be the kind of person I want to be. I am so happy I get to be her daughter. My husband is so kind and so easy going. He is someone who has inspired me to relax more in life. My little daughter is one who inspires me everyday. Of course all of my family members and family do this. Thanks to my parents for everything because they always inspire me.


Unknown said...

Always nice to "meet" new blogger out there!

Michelle said...

Wow, Amy!! Judy Garland is your Great Aunt. That is so awesome. I have a unique person in my past as well. My Great Grandfather, Harry Lopresto, sold his property to UF home of the Florida Gators. He also lived in Chicago and was a trained boxer to help protect the Italians from Al Capone.

Anonymous said...

Amy is a wonderful blogger and she has inspired me with her blogging. :-)

Helene said...

This was a wonderful interview to read! Amy has got to be one of the most warmest, friendliest bloggers I know.

I've often told her that her blog reminds me of a warm, cozy home. I feel blessed to have found her in this huge world of blogging!

Just Add Walter said...

Amy is awesome... definitely go check out her blog if you haven't already!

Amy said...

Thanks for dong this for me. All of your kid words were so sweet and too kind. Sorry it took me awhile to get over here and say Thanks.. I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks to all of my blogging friends that left great comments..

Amy said...

okay it was suppose to say doing this. Oops..

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Great to meet you, I agree with you about rude comments, people should try and be polite, even if they don't agree with you.
Hope you have a wonderful week.