Saturday, February 6, 2010

Be Part of Someone Else's Tribe Challenge

I just recently joined an amazing group called The Secret is in The Sauce-Not only does this site have some of THE best woman bloggers around the blogosphere, it also has an unrivaled support system, great tips and tricks and SO much more!

So last Saturday when I got their daily email subscription stating that they were going to try out a series of challenges on Finding Your Blogging Tribe, I thought it would be fun to join in!

Here is a little information:

"Have you found your blogging tribe? It’s more than a community. It’s that core group of special blogging peeps that visit and comment regularly and take action on what they read and learn at your blog. They support you, they recommend you, they re-tweet you...."

This week's challenge is Be Part of Someone Else's Tribe-Identify 5 bloggers this week that you really connect with and make an effort to give to them. So here are the 5 I chose:

1. Ruthie of Rose Works Jewelry
2. Lynn of Midday Escapades
3. Grace of Sandier Pastures
4. Lu of Crocheted Little Things
5. Kathleen of Katydid and Kid

Starting Monday, I will be doing my best to give to them-For the next week(Monday through Friday), I will designate a day to each of these bloggers.

You'll see!!

Love and Energies.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

cool,, and crud I dont have a tribe do I , I mean I have some friends that i love but I follow like 100 + blogs lol. ummm wow a tribe shoot now I have to go find my tribe