Friday, January 15, 2010

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted....

Vacation HAD to get away :D

This is correct, Kayla and her fam are going on vaca! Well, our definition of vacation, anyway-We are headed up north to my Aunt and Uncle's cabin in Northern Wisconsin!!

Man, looking back, we haven't been up to the Northwoods in over a year(THAT'S hard to believe since we practically lived up there in the past). I'm just so glad that we get to see the family and I can breath that fresh, crisp Northwoods air.

Nothing more therapeutic!

Anyway, I have posts pre-written and waiting to be published, so you all will have plenty of entertainment from me even though I will essentially be gone(who knows though, I may throw in a quick update once in awhile).

We'll only be gone for the weekend, but I'm planning on mooching those 3 days for everything they're worth! LOL

Have a wonderful weekend all.

Love and Energies.


Anonymous said...

You go mooch those 3 days and have a blast! See you when you get back and travel safely.

Bonita12 said...

Stay warm and enjoy the peacefulness!

My husband and friends head up to Eagle River later this month for a snowmobile trip. We go there in the summer as well to fish.

Judy said...

Have a fantastic time! Enjoy the fresh air!

Sara Elizabeth said...

Oh have a wonderful time! Relax some extra for me. :)