Monday, January 25, 2010

January Photography Contest Entry

This is my entry for the An Island Life's January Photography Contest:

For January's Photography Contest, we were supposed to capture what the New Year meant to us and I was pretty much stumped until yesterday afternoon when I looked outside my window and happened to catch a squirrel digging for long ago stashed items in the melting snow-After a minute or so of digging, the little guy stood up, looked around and dashed away. Right then is when it truly hit me that New Year for me was coming out of our Winter 'hibernation' of sorts like this lone squirrel and looking for a new beginning. Yes, we have a recollection of last years hidden items and stored memories strewn about, but it's better to leave those items in our subconscious and move onto bigger and better things :)

{Sorry about the quality of the picture-Either my camera isn't as good as it used to be or the little guy kept moving! Lol}


Unknown said...

the pics looks great and I love it that is just too cute. I also like the thought that goes with it... hang onto the good memories they will sustain you when things get rough..

Anonymous said...

It's brilliant and I voted for you! Too bad we can't see the results right after we vote. I hope you win. I'm off to tweet it.

Anonymous said...

Great photo for the contest my friend. Well done. I love it. I can't imagine what Winter hibernation would be like LOL. I like the sun and sand LOL. Have a good one and thanks for stopping by my playground :)