Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years Friends!

I know this is where normal bloggers would put their new years resolutions or rewind and highlight the events of the past year or participate in New Years-esque memes, and I do wish I could have done it, too, but I find myself preoccupied with friends and plans and getting ready...

I think.

This night can either go one of two ways: I'll be out at a party, or I'll end up blogging in the New Year.

Either way, I want to wish all my readers and their family a very happy and SAFE New Year's-I know this is definitely one of the holidays that brings out all the crazies, so I just want my readers to be safe :)

Here is to another year of wonderful opportunities, *cross fingers* healthiness, meeting new people, and so much more for myself and all of you guys!

What kind of plans do you guys have tonight?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mailbox Monday(12/27)

Mailbox Monday divulges into the inner workings of my mailbox throughout the week. From books to jewelry to free samples to random magazines and letters-You never know what will be in the mail this week...


Both of my two aunts came out on the train from Chicago for Thanksgiving and a little family party for my 21st birthday a month or so ago.

My one aunt felt so bad when she arrived-She told me she forgot my gift! Of course I didn't really care {I was just glad she didn't forget HERSELF}, so I told her she can always send it later.

Well, guess what I got?!

Isn't he adorable ^.^

I named him Fernando!

And of course the $25 gift card was very appreciated as well-I was informed I should spend it on myself...What in the world should I buy?

I was given an opportunity to try Netflix for free, so me being a lover of everything free, HAD to take the chance!

I opted for the 1 month trial opposed to the 2 week-Even though I can only have 1 DVD out at a time with the monthly, I can stream anything they have available from their website :)

Just sent back Princess Mononoke.

Wonder what movie is next xD

Thanks to Kailani of An Island Life, I won this wonderful prize package including a bottle of Windex Multi-Surface with Vinegar {my mother was quite happy about that}, a really cute reusable bag, and a digital photo frame!

Quite an interesting combination if I do say so :)

My sister is the WORST person to shop for ever! I swear, I never know what she wants.

This year though, I thought I'd take the no-brainer and get her something she and I would love-the special edition of Eclipse xD

Thankfully, I subscribe to all these freebie/frugal bloggers and saw a deal going on at Amazon for $8.00 off the special edition.

You know I was all over that!

What did you get in the mail this week?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Wishing all my friends, readers and their families a very beautiful and safe holiday season, as well as a happy and healthy New Year!

I am thankful for each and every one of you and wish you all nothing but the best for the New Year :)

I do apologize for being absent the past week, but Murphy visited and brought another not-so-welcome visitor:: Mr. Sickness.

I'm trying to make the most of it though!

Love and Energies to All.

P.s. Regular scheduled programs will resume Monday {hopefully}.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Slapdash Sunday(12/19)

Slapdash Sunday is a day for your proverbial week 'leftovers.' Is there something you wanted to say, but just forgot? Is there something you want to write about, but isn't worth a whole page? Do you have a random thought, funny or otherwise that needs to be written down?
That is what Slapdash Sunday is for!


Featured Blogger Friday is going to take a little bit of a hiatus, but it will be back with fresh new talent in the new year!!

In the mean time, if you would like to be a part of Featured Blogger Friday on The Element, leave me a comment or head on over to my Contact Me page and read all about what you need to do :)

P.s. ALL blogs are welcome to apply!

Sweep Tight

I was interviewed!

Head on over to my friend Jennifer's site, Sweep Tight and read what I have to say on sweeping Here xD

And while you're over there, see what kind of contests she has going!

You can't win if you don't enter ;)


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Friday, December 17, 2010 Review and Coupon Code!

When my sister and I were younger and it hit the time when the Holiday Cards started showing up in the mail, we would take turns opening them up each day because we both never got mail ourselves and it was so exciting for us!

It was one of our little traditions :)

Now that I'm older and actually have people to send mail to, I've been participating in this longstanding tradition of sending and finally receiving Christmas cards for the past two holiday seasons now, and this year, I'm going for a third ^.^

Thanks to, I get to be proud of my cards for this year! I had the amazing opportunity of reviewing one of their products on my site. Here is a little more about and what they have to offer all of you::

*Unique Designs: Choose from over 7,000 designs from more than 70 artists. Select card styles that are smart, stylish, playful, original or modern.

*Get Personal: Create unique messages with up to 14 photos, 18 fonts and 10 colors!

*No Minimum Order: Create one card for someone special or hundreds of cards for an entire company.

*Eco-Friendly: Cards are printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper, and Cardstore’s carbon footprint is offset through

*Designer Quality at a Bargain Price: High quality cards designed by well-known stationery artists with no hidden fees. Cards are priced from $0.79-$2.79.

*Direct Mail: upload your address book and will print and mail your cards at no extra charge!

How incredibly awesome is all that!??!

As if those above qualities weren't enough incentive to get you clickin' over to their website right now, besides offering a wide variety of greeting cards from regular "old-fashion" ones, to the newest trend of Photo Cards for all kinds of different occasions, you can find things like ready-to-purchase and or customizable gift tags, notebooks, and stationary!

I knew when I was given this opportunity, I was going to go for some sort of photo card since I've never had the chance to before, and I wanted to show off my pictures from my New York trip this past August!

My only complaint:: There was just so MUCH to choose from xD

Okay, so maybe that's not much of a complaint-I had so much fun going through and deciding which design I wanted, even if it did take awhile.

I do have to tell all my readers that I was incredibly impressed by the simplicity and ease of putting together my greeting card once I did settle on a design.

I'm an old-fashion kind of person, so even though I wanted pictures on my card, I also want to be able to write something inside to let the receiver know I'm thinking of them :)

I found the absolute perfect thing and went to work on creating what I had envisioned in my mind.

The best thing is even when I settled on a single design for my cards, the choices didn't stop there! You had the choice of multiple pictures on front AND inside the card, whether you wanted wording inside or preferred it blank, your font choice if you did decide upon wording...and that was just 1 of the 7,000+ designs that can be found on the site!

Sheesh O.o

Once you were finished with your card, you got to decide on what you wanted to DO with it/them::

I can only IMAGINE how much easier this makes someone's life-especially someone who, like many of us, are busy working jobs, going to school, being parents, etc.

I opted for the 'print return address on envelopes and mail to me' option, but if I was more organized and had things set up, I might have tried to go for the 'print return and recipient addresses.'

You all want to see the final product?



{closer view of the pictures I chose for my card}

Whatcha guys think?!

I was more then thrilled when they came in the mail and I opened the package-The quality of the cards themselves are gorgeous, and I'm itching to send those babies out xD

I'm very happy that I got to work with this amazing company and I can't recommend them highly enough! The customer service was perfect, the process of actually making the cards was simple and easy, and the timing of receiving my package was extremely efficient.

Are you still in need of Christmas cards this year? Don't fret!

For T.E.E readers, has offered a 20% off your first purchase!! Just use the code CSHOLIDAY20.

So, have YOU done your Christmas cards yet?!

Love and Energies.

I received a credit to to purchase their product so that I could accurately write an honest review of the company’s products and it‘s services-All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Heaven in Mattress Form

You all know that I'm a big contest nut-if it has the words 'win,' 'contest,' 'giveaway,' sweepstakes' or anything that generally leads you to the conclusion that you could possibly win something for nothing, I'm all over it!

I've won a great deal over the past year and you all generally see my wins in my weekly Mailbox Monday meme {which I'm WAY behind-expect a pretty large special MM post in the upcoming future}, however I've been waiting to blog about THIS particular win because I felt it deserved it's own post.

Awhile ago, I entered to win an Embody Memory Foam Mattress by Sealy from Piera over at Jolly Mom. I took advantage of all the extra entries; I blogged, I followed, I subscribed, I tweeted daily...The giveaway deadline came and went and I heard nothing about winning, so I figured good for whoever won-they deserved it!

While on Twitter one day, I looked under my tags and I saw I had a new one:


When I saw that tweet, I pretty much freaked my mom out because I squealed pretty loudly and she thought something was wrong O.o

When she asked what was wrong, I nearly screamed the fact that I had just won T.H.E mattress I had told her about. It took her awhile to comprehend that I had actually WON, though. Lol

When I had calmed down and she had wrapped her head around the win a little better, I told her I wanted to give the mattress to her and my dad because they deserved a new mattress, and they've done so much for me, especially in the past 7 years, that it was the least I could do for them :)

{They had theirs for over 10 years and have always hated it}

It took her awhile to actually accept the bed {she kept telling me that I had won it, so it should be mine}, but once she did, she just kept saying, "I can't believe you actually won..."

Fast forward a month.

I wake up yesterday morning to a phone call from a number I didn't know, but they left a message-It was a lady stating that they had a mattress for me and that they wanted to arrange delivery!

As soon as I woke up, I called her back and told her who I was and what I was calling about. The only snafoo was that apparently somehow, the name on the order wasn't Kayla, but a Ryan, so she thought she had called the wrong person.

I quickly informed her that she had the right person-That was MY mattress! LOL

Honestly, I wasn't expecting the mattress to be delivered until a week, maybe two from now. However, when I broached the subject, she said the delivery guys were actually close by and she had sent them with my mattress and information just in case.

I'm glad she did!

The Old Mattress.....

.....The New Mattress!

We had some fun taking turns testing it out once the movers left and breaking it in-just take a look at the pictures I snapped!

{On our way to view the bed in it's new home}

{Dad beat us in and was the first one to try it out}

{It's a family affair}

{Happy mommy and daddy!}

I just wanted to take this moment to thank Piera and Sealy for this amazing and wonderful opportunity-You both allowed me to be able to do something nice for my parents when they deserved it, and for that, we are ALL grateful :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Tag

I've been tagged by my cyber mommy Dolly of XmasDolly for this holiday post!

She's such the sweetest lady you'll ever wanna meet-AND she doubles as Mrs. Claus during this time of year O.o Don't believe me?! Head over to her site and just look around :)

Now onto the holiday-themed questions!


1. When do you usually know and feel that it's finally the holidays?

For me, it feels somewhat like the holidays after my birthday on the 17th of November, but as soon as Thanksgiving comes and goes, THEN it really feels like the holidays for me.

2. What do you want for Christmas this year?

Is it too much to ask for good health?! Yeah? Well, then I really need a laptop computer since my beloved Charlie has kind of kicked the bucket >.<

3. Do you go all out with decorations?

I do not-The girls in the family {and my sister's boyfriend if he's around} usually share that responsibility!

4. What are you doing Christmas Eve?

I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing this Christmas Eve-If I'm not spending it with my family and cousins this year, it will be spent with my boyfriend and his family since he's off that day :)

5. What are you doing Christmas Day?

Waking up and opening presents with the family and I'm unsure of our plans, but my boyfriend and I might spend the day volunteering xD

6. It's Christmas time. What are you reading?

I've have several books-in-progress, but I guess the one I'm farthest on is Eat, Pray, Love.

7. Favorite movie to watch during the holidays?

I really love the old 'animated' shows like Rudolph's Shiny New Year and A Year Without a Santa Clause-Those are always indicators that Christmas is just around the corner!

8. Favorite Christmas song?

Hmmm...That's a good question because there are a lot of good ones out there! I'm going to say any rendition of I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause-It's just a cute song!

9. Favorite holiday drink?

Hot chocolate with whipped cream and a few marshmallows of course :)

10. How is your Christmas shopping going?

Let's just say non-existent. Lol

11. If you could spend Christmas Day anywhere else, where would you spend it?

I would spend it with my family-Where we are doesn't really matter as long as we're together.

12. Any holiday traditions?

My sister and I have a tradition of exchanging our presents on Christmas eve, then in the morning even though we're older now, we always get up really early and sneak out to see what's under the tree {we go to sleep before ma puts out all our presents}. When we wake up it's ALWAYS stockings first.

13. Favorite thing about the holidays?

The feeling of the holidays {yes, it does have a feeling!}


3 bloggers I want to tag::

Lorie of The Shewbridges of Central Florida
Jana of Boobies, Babies and a Blog
Michelle of Flying Giggles and Lollipops

Those I've tagged don't have to participate if they're too busy and those who haven't been tagged can feel free to participate if they want to!

Slapdash Sunday(12/12)

Slapdash Sunday is a day for your proverbial week 'leftovers.' Is there something you wanted to say, but just forgot? Is there something you want to write about, but isn't worth a whole page? Do you have a random thought, funny or otherwise that needs to be written down?
That is what Slapdash Sunday is for!


I wanted to take this moment to congratulate my good friend Jenine over at Snarkyville!

I had no idea she had planned this, but she just recently became a certified, accredited yoga instructor!!

She needs to do 8 hours of community service before she can get her certificate, so if you're in or around the Austin area and you want to try out a yoga class for free, head on over to her site and hook up with her :)

I WISH I was closer because you know I'd be all over that!

Congrats Jenine xD

Riddle me this....

Who get's a wooden splinter cleaning the laundry lint trap?


Way back {at least 3 or 4 months}, I won a coupon for a free Sobe Life Water from their instant win game.

Needless to say, any win excites me so I waited to receive it, and after the estimated 4 to 6 weeks for delivery with no coupon, I figured, oh well-It'll arrive eventually right?

Fast forward to December 1st. The mail arrives. I get an envelope from Sobe. The coupon! Sure enough, when I open it and there's the coupon for a free Sobe water xD

I look at the coupon, then at the expiration date...Guess when it expired?

November 31, 2010. The DAY before.

I honestly laughed so hard I had to sit down-It just struck me really funny.

The really awesome thing is a few days after I realized my coupon was expired, I got a notice from Sobe in the mail apologizing for the mix up and saying that I was to expect a replacement coupon {that wasn't expired} soon!

How nice xD


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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Skating in a Winter Wonderland

My sister is a part of an organization called Fire and Ice, which is basically a "cheer-leading" team for our cities ice hockey group, the Ice Hogs. I put cheer-leading in quotes because not a lot of people realize that hockey teams have cheer leaders too!

But that is what they are-They're there to not only cheer on the team to victory, but to chat up fans, sell various tickets and merchandise for the team, clear the ice during quarters, and generally make sure the fans have a good time.

I honestly had NO idea how much cheer leaders actually DO-Not only do they cheer on a team, but they do so much volunteer work for charities, local events, drives, etc.

My sister had a particular event she was debating on going to in downtown Rockford the other week-A grand opening for a Winter Wonderland: an ice skating rink put together in under 6 weeks for local kids as an inexpensive place to go and have fun.

She asked me if I wanted to go and of course being fond of my non-broken bones laughed her off and said, "Heeeeeeeeeck no!"

You all know me though ;)

As I went back and fourth on to go or not to go, I finally decided to suck it up, don on my newly purchased jacket and a pair of ice skates and give it a go!

On a side note, I don't know if you know this about me but I've attempted to ice skate a total of twice in my past and they both ended up with butt-ice contact {and stomach-ice, face-ice, elbow-ice, etc...You get the pretty painful picture}.

Anyway, we arrived and she went inside to do her duties. As my mother and I waited, countless news trucks arrived, and a lot of people started to trickle in all bundled up and ready to skate-We honestly had no idea HOW many people would show up, but it was an amazing turn out.

I did have a chicken-out moment while standing outside with my mom-What the HECK was I thinking even trying to get into skates and skate around!? I mean, I have issues walking as is, so I'm going to put myself on a thin blade and put the thin blade on ice O.o

Hammy the Ice Hog's mascot helped me see the light though...

{Red-faced Kayla and Hammy hangin' ten}

After about a half hour of people I don't know thanking other people I don't know, they cut the ceremonial ribbon and people were off!

{Of course I was the absolute LAST person to stumble on to the ice because I wasn't fond of the thought of getting swept up in the restless, ice-crazed mob already chomping at the bit to get going}

All in all, I'd say I did better then I thought I would!

I was hanging onto the fencing like it was a lifesaving device, but what do you expect from an uncoordinated person whose only ice skated twice in the past?

The best part of the evening:: I was schooled by a 5 year old boy missing his two front teeth on how to ice skate. I have to admit though, kid knew what he was talking about! LOL

Here are a few other pictures for you to enjoy:

{my Fire and Ice sister and me in my cute new coat}

{Mother and Daughters}

I'm so very glad I chose to go and actually skate-I really did surprise myself!

Thanks for reading :)

Love and Energies.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Health Update Thursday(12/9)

I am one sick, sick puppy.

Without going into TOO much personal detail, I have a bunch of foreign buggers in my body that are invading my spine and running around in my brain causing some pretty serious physical, mental, and emotional damage the past few weeks.

Of course, I let it get way out of hand by denying my intuitive side which was warning me something was wrong by telling myself it was just this time of year, it was the holidays, it was Tom's impending visit {for those who don't know, Tom stands for Time Of Month}, that it would eventually go away...

No such luck.

Tom arrived Monday and completely leveled me-It was a laying-on-the-bathroom-floor-writhing-in-pain-puking-my-guts-out month {I know, TMI people} and I STILL haven't recovered from it completely.

As of right now I'm walking, but my legs are very heavy and weak and I can only walk for short periods of time because I get too fatigued and I need to sit down. I'm always exhausted and I just want to spend my days sleeping. Of course, lots of different types of pain. Severe depression.

Summed up, I am NOT having fun.

I've already contacted my MI and she's informed me that I am indeed, one sick, sick puppy o.O We've already worked out the stuff that I need to get on and what I need to do to get better, so I'm on it!

On a side note, I will be blogging, but if a day or two goes by without a sign of me, just know I'm working hard to get better. Other then that, thank you all for your support-It helps more then you guys know :)

Love and Energies.

UPDATE:: I did a therapy called wrapping and zapping for about 2 hours {norm for me is 1 hour}. Now, I am currently in more pain then my body can physically handle-at least in my opinion-and I'm floor bound {not walking}.


I just have to hope today will be better.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Featured Blogger Friday(12/3)-The Shewbridges of Central Florida

Keeping with the theme of bloggers that I have a very strong connection with, I want to bring to all my readers an absolutely fabulous woman residing with her hubby and three to five fur babies in the sunny state of Florida!

Lorie of The Shewbridges of Central Florida has proven to be an amazing woman and such a wonderful friend to me, which is why I feel it my responsibility and privilege to have her on the site and share her with all of you xD

So without further adieu, enjoy!

Q. What’s your name and blog? What other information would you like to share?

The Shewbridges of Central Florida

Q. Why did you choose that name for your blog?

I actually recently changed the name because it used to be The Shewbridges of Celebration, FL, but hopefully we will be moving out of Celebration soon and I wanted a more generic name, so when I had my blog redone, I tweeked the name slightly. So now it is simply The Shewbridges (which is us) of Central Florida (which is where we live).

Q. Why did you start b

My husband actually suggested I enter some giveaways while I was recovering from spinal surgery and couldn't do anything but sit on the couch or in bed and watch TV or use the laptop. He said that I had a flair for writing and I could probably come up with some good things to say when I entered the giveaways. Then I started to read other posts besides the giveaways on people's blogs and really started to get to know people and started making friends and thought I could do something like that... now a little over a year later, here I am.

Q. What kind of stuff do you cover with your blog? Is there a specific genre you write about or is the sky the limit?

I pretty much cover everything... anything in my life that touches me, I will write about, but I LOVE all things Disney, so that is prominent on my blog as are my doggies. I also am very patriotic as you can tell by the theme of my blog. My son just returned from his first tour of duty in Afghanistan and I am really proud of what he is doing for our country.

Q. What is one must read post that you have written {Include Link}?

Well, I actually have two... one is quite sad, but I have been told it is very good and it pours out my feelings; it is about true friendship and the death of my very best friend, Sue:
The second one I like because it showcases my life and my writing and my love of photography:

Q. Name one thing you love about your blogging job.

That one is SO easy... the wonderful people that I have met! Social networking has given me the opportunity to meet the most fabulous people online and in person. They are there for you when you need them and even when you don't realize that you do. The greatest example was during my son's deployment, I would get the best messages of support on my blog, on twitter, emails, everywhere... even from people I had never connected with before. There really are a magnificent amount of people out there - many more positive than negative and I truly LOVE that!!

Q. Name one thing you’re not quite fond of about your blogging job.

Because of my spinal problems, it is hard for me to sit at a computer, so I end up having pain when I use my desktop... that and trying to keep up with all the blogs that I'd like to, are probably the only things that I have a problem with.
Q. What’s one random fact about you?

I started getting gray hair at age 22, but you wouldn't have known it because I was a redhead until I hit 44... then I just gave up - it got too painful to color it on my own and too expensive to have it done - TeeHee!

Q. Inspiration comes in many forms for different people. What inspires you?

Life - everything around me: my family, friends, nature, my doggies, I try to find something each day to post that will make people smile or laugh - I like to make people happy because there have been so many people out there that have done that for me.

Q. Where else can we find you(Personal Website, Etsy Shop, Twitter, Facebook, Etc.)?

Twitter: @LorieShewbridge!/LorieShewbridge

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Health Update Thursday(12/2)

I know I really haven't done a Health Update Thursday in awhile, but I think it's time to bring it back because I do know you guys wonder what's going on with me and my crazy up and down health status.

That being said, I guess I can't really complain a whole lot because I'm still able to do things when I want to {most of the time} unlike past experiences when I was restricted to bed.

For that, I'm very thankful.

Since my birthday on the 17th of November, I seem to be either fighting something off, or just feeling less then my "normal" self-I've kept in close contact with my MI since then as well, however it turns out that she's very sick too!

Go figure.

She's also very overwhelmed because a lot of her clients seem to be sick too, so they're all bombarding her with emails and phone calls and requests for body system checks....I honestly wish I could help her out in some way, but being near sick people just isn't going to turn out well for me.

Anyway, there are many things that I'm dealing with, but the pain level is the worst. I had an episode Sunday where it seemed my whole upper body seized up on me and I couldn't move or breath because it was just so excruciating-Of course my sobs didn't help the matter O.o

The weather is reeking havoc on my body too! All these weather fronts and the impending snow {Nooooooooooooooo} have my head constantly hurting and body aching more so then it already does.

I talked to my cousin when she was over the other day who has suffered a great deal in her life and she told me something that really registered with me; she said that I have to accept and deal with my pain better, otherwise I will always be at home and that I can't coddle myself anymore.

It may sound harsh to some people who look at me and see the pain I'm in and think, "hey, she's already in pain, leave the poor girl alone," but she's completely 100% right.

The internet and my blog have been my life for so long, but crave more-I want to be out on my own supporting myself and living my life and I can't do that while siting on the couch all day. I NEED to learn to embrace the pain and to work through it which is what I'm going to try to do!

Any suggestions from anyone?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday:: The Recap

I know this is post is far overdue, but better late then never right my interwebby peeps!?

Before I get into all the festivities of my birthday, I have to thank all of my wonderful family and friends far and wide for making my birthday one of THE best birthday in my 21 years of life. Seriously, all of your amazing comments and wishes and cards and gifts just had my heart feeling so overwhelmed and exploding with all of the love.

Thank you for the bottom of my heart :)

Now onto the celebration!

I woke up not really feeling any different until I signed onto the computer and saw all of the Happy Birthday wishes from everyone. Then once my ma started walking around the house saying, "My baby CAN'T be 21!," it kind of hit me a little bit.

The morning was pretty uneventful until I went with my ma to pick up my sister at school. The reason I went:: I was going to pick up booze afterwords xD Once she was safely in the car, we headed to the grocery store not too far away and hit up the liquor section.

Enjoy these photos snapped for your enjoyment!

I proudly carried all my purchases to the gentlemen checking people out and put them on the counter. He kindly asked if I could throw down an ID and I said, "Why yes sir, I certainly can," and handed him my license. My sister and mother were there as well to witness this momentous occasion and as we are all smiling and giggling, the gentlemen looks at my ID and says to me...

"I'm sorry, but I can't sell you this."

Booze! Booze! Booze! Boo....Wait, what?!

Apparently, since my license is the vertical kind as opposed to the horizontal kind, they can't sell it to me because they've been screwed over too many times by fake vertical IDs.

So, needless to say, my ma was the one who purchased those alcoholic beverages that day. I was bummed, but I did understand. My mother however, was PISSED. Her words:: "This is NOT okay-I want my baby to buy BOOZE!"

The gentlemen who denied my birthday purchase was very kind however-He even apologized for 'ruining my Facebook status update.'

Oh well-I guess I need to get a new ID soon!


I had been hemming and hawing all week about my birthday dinner, however I finally decided upon Chili's-Partly because I had been craving one of their burgers for a long time and I knew they had a bar and the other part because I knew from prior experience that they didn't sing to you on your birthday *wink wink*

I know-I'm a party pooper. Hehe.

My boyfriend said that he would pay the guy extra if he would sing to me, but our waiter just laughed and said he's pretty sure we wouldn't want to hear him sing. LOL

{Everybody at our table, my ma, sister, cousin and boyfriend threatened to get up and sing to me as loudly and obnoxiously as they could, but I kindly informed them it would be tapped and put on here-Apparently that scared them enough not to do it. HA!}

But I got a free brownie and ice cream Birthday dessert!

After we were all full and happy, we said adieu to our cousin and went home so I could open the few little things waiting for me-My ma was so excited for nearly two weeks prior to my birthday cause she had thought of, and I quote "THE perfect gift for me." Unfortunately, that gift didn't end up panning out for reasons that I completely understand, but I can honestly tell you if I had been given this gift, I would have bawled like a little baby.

My dad travels a lot for business, so he get's frequent flyer miles to use for flights, hotels and other things. So my wonderful, thoughtful, amazing mother was going to take those points and buy me a plane ticket to WHEREVER I wanted to go, get me a suite case and pack it with some new outfits, hand it to me on my birthday and tell me to "get out." LOL

How completely perfect is that gift!?

Since that couldn't happen however, she told me that she was going to help me buy a new computer as my "big" present, which I just ordered YESTERDAY xD

{Look out for a post this weekend sometime...}

Anyway, where was I!?

Oh yes-Presents!

I got a lovely bottle of sparkling wine, an absolutely gorgeous bouquet of purple calla lilies, and some beautiful, beautiful dark chocolate yummies from my family and my boyfriend also brought me dark chocolate when he came over that day {Ah, they know me so well}!

He actually had bought me my main present a few days before when he had his day off:: An incredible set of oracle cards I had been wanting for months xD

Goodness, I do love him.


After I had opened my presents, he insisted on taking me to do something. I honestly had no clue what I wanted to do; we just ate. I didn't really want to see a movie since nothing looked good. We couldn't go to a bar because he's underage.

What to do, what to do.....


Indeed ladies and gents, he took me bowling :)

We actually met one of my friends, who ironically has the same birthday as I do, and her boyfriend there for a couple games.

{my friend is probably going to kill me for putting that picture up on the blog}

Me and the BF got a little competitive, but even though I'm a competitive person, I still can admit that he beat me both games {first game 3, second game 10}.


Between our first and second game, me and my friend hit up the bar located in the bowling alley and actually bought drinks-THAT'S when I really felt 21 ^.^

After that busy day, the evening was very chilled and relaxed-Boyfriend took me home from bowling and we ended up watching movies the rest of the night. All in all, like I said, best birthday yet!

Thank you all again for your unconditional love-You guys really are the best :)

Love and Energies.