Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Moon *Movie Review*


To the outside world, Bella is just another ordinary, accident prone girl living in Forks, Washington and going to a small high school of 300 kids-But look closer. Isabella Swan, or Bella as she likes to be called, is anything but ordinary.

She's in love with a vampire named Edward.

New Moon takes place after Twilight, setting the scene with a bazaar dream that has Bella fearful of growing older-Ironically, it's also her birthday and her extravagant vampire family decides to throw her a birthday to party that would put any other birthday party to shame. Unfortunately, something goes terribly wrong and sets into motion events that are going to change Bella, Edward, and their families forever.

After the doomed party, Edward realizes that he has been putting Bella in danger and decides to leave for her own good-Bella doesn't think it's for her own good, though, and is utterly crushed to the point of deadness. She goes through the next few months as a zombie; Just sitting in her house doing nothing.

That is until a happenstance meeting with an old family friend, Jacob Black. By that time, Bella realized a way to keep Edward in her life, and enlisted Jacob to help her. As they spend more and more time together, Bella realizes that Jacob makes her feel whole again. That all changed when he seemingly got sick-Not seeing her, returning her phone calls or giving her the time of day, Bella is determined not to lose this friendship as she lost Edward so she charged down to see Jacob.

What she found out was life changing and again, set events into motion that would have Bella racing to save the very person that left her.

My Thoughts:

Okay, before you judge, I was a fan of Stephanie Meyer and the Twilight series BEFORE it was a huge teenie bopper craze. So needless to say, I am an Original Twilighter!

That being said, I seriously <3 this movie!

With a new director, some seriously sick CGI magic, and a new focused character group, New Moon surpasses Twilight to the point of another demention!

I believe the acting was exponentially better then that in Twilight, all except for Rob Pattinson, whom looked like he was in serious pain the whole time which did nothing for his acting what-so-ever. I know Edward is supposed to be 'in pain' in reality, but there is a point where you can overdo and Rob was at that point.

Of course I'm not the biggest Rob Pat. fan **collective crowd gasp** so needless to say I'm kind of happy that the focus was on Jacob Black a.k.a Taylor Lautner :-)

For those book lovers out there, I have to do it: This movie did a great job at following the book! I know they are two separate entities and I'm getting better at looking at it that way, but when your an avid reader, it's almost reflex-Am I right?

Anyway, needless to say I can't wait to go back and watch this movie again and again(and again and again)!

Love and Energies.

P.s. Throughout the whole book series, I was team Seth, but thanks to New Moon, I'm finally decided: I'm a Wolf Girl :)


Sara Elizabeth said...

Very cool!

We are posting our review today too. :)

La Petite Gallery said...

very nice


Sara Elizabeth said...

I also am not a huge Robert Pattinson fan. I do love the connection and romance between Bella and Edward, but I am not one of the ladies who is Edward/Rob Pat. wild. Not at all. So, I am with you there. :)

snow0016 said...

I love new moon too! and all the other twilight saga inspired movies!

will surely watch out for breaking dawn! ^_^