Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My First Live Giveaway Experience

The past few months that I've been blogging and entering giveaways, I have seen many of my fellow bloggers and Twitter friends do live giveaways, but have never had the chance to enter one myself--Whether it be I was busy at that particular moment or I just completely forgot(mostly the latter reason), I just go about my regular givaway, contest, sweepstakes entering.

Well I got an email feed from Eileen over at Thrifty and Chic Mom with a whole bunch of live giveaways and thought I would check it out.

To my utter surprise, I was in luck! It was 8:06 pm and the giveaways started at 8!!

So I started commenting and refreshing and commenting some more and BAM-I was the winning comment number O.O

What did I win? A gorgeous Crystal Channel Expandable Wire Bangle Set in jet black from Alex and Ani.com

Thank you Eileen and the folks over at Alex and Ali for this wonderful opportunity!!

Love and Energies.

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Silvergirl said...

congrats!! they are beautiful!!