Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Love You To Death {Book Review}

Synopsis from the back of the book:

"It's been days since reporter Elise McBride has heard from her sister, Ashley. She's convinced Ashley has met with some kind of foul play, especially when she learns that bodies of other missing women have surfaced in and around Chicago--all victims of a brutal serial killer. Convinced her sister is still alive, Elise vows to risk everything to save her...

The last thing ex-cop Trent Brady needs is more blood on his hands. Yet when he catches Elise breaking into her sister's house, full of reckless determination and fear, he knows she needs his help. But just as desire ignites between them, a twisted madman sets his sights on Elise. Hell-bent on possessing her for himself, this psychopath won't rest until he has his perfect woman."

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My Thoughts:

Alongside authors such as Nora Roberts and Carla Neggers, Shannon K. Butcher has definitely found her way into my heart, as well as, my bookshelf with her romantically raunchy, suspenseful, adventure-laden writing style!

I seriously couldn't put this book down-I found myself sneaking away from Christmas dinner(shame shame) to read just a few more pages to find out what had transpired between the characters. Not only did the book have my complete attention, the characters were like-able and the story line was deliciously sinister just the way I like it.

If you don't know me or my book tastes, I'm not much of a floofy romantic book type like the one's you find in a Walgreens with the almost pornographic pictures on the front-I'm a down'n'dirty thrill seeker when it comes to my romance books. Give me a good serial killer and two characters with enough chemistry to blow up a 3 story building and I'm good to go, which is exactly what I found in Love You To Death.

I did have one complaint, though, and that was the fact that the author was a little repetitive throughout the book. The events in her book were amazingly thought up, but the way she kept repeating them throughout the book just got a little tired in my opinion.

Other then that small detail, I very much enjoyed my first reading experience with Ms. Shannon K. Butcher! I have a feeling this is the beginning of something great :)

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I received a copy of the book Love You To Death by Shannon K. Butcher from a blog giveaway through Frugal Plus so that I could accurately write an honest review of this book-All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone.

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