Thursday, December 31, 2009

Health Update Thursday(12/31)

I can honestly say I don't remember the last time I updated you guys on my health status-Of course I could look through my old posts until I find it, but I currently find myself lazy and dead-on-my-feet tired, so I'll just wing it :)

I'm happy to inform that I have been doing quite well overall the past few weeks! Of course there is still pain, fatigue, insomnia and a few other 'regulars,' but I find myself having just a little more energy then the day before which ultimately means I can do more with my days.

Speaking of sleeping, my insomnia is so bad, that I'm up until 4 or 5 am and when I finally go down, I sleep until 1 or 2 in the afternoon, which wastes my whole day and makes me feel horrible both mentally and physically. Well, I'm putting a stop to it! I have requested to be woken up early in the morning, so I can set my internal clock right again-So far, it seems to be going well.

Now that the New Year is upon us, I have decided that I need to start being better with my health and my body-Which means monitoring what I eat and staying away from 'problem' foods such as wheat, gluten, and MSG(of course that's just a few things) and exercising A LOT more then I'm already am! I know there are more things I can be doing, but I'll focus on those two for now.

Hope you are all doing well this Thursday!! Oh, happy New Year's Eve-Any special plans for tonight?


Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

I am glad you are doing a little better! I think you have a great attitude for the new year - I hope it will make a huge difference.

I feel ya on the can be so brutal. Your sleeping habits sound like those of my friend...I think it is a wonderful idea to reset your internal clock. I hope you get lots of rest in 2010.

Happy New Year my friend!

Cindy said...

Hey Kayla
Glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better, but I do feel for you suffering with insomnia. That sounds horrible...and it would be horrible to feel like you slept the whole day away. Your goals for the new year sound great though..and so does your attitude. No big New Years plans here...will have a little party with the kids and let them stay up late. :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Kaila,
I'm do happy to hear you're doing better. I'm going gluten - wheat and dairy free my self and won't believe the difference. You're on the right path for sure and my best wishes for a wonderful 2010!

Julie said...

I am so glad you are starting to feel better. Lyme's a on-going disease that is forever trying to screw up your system. So do what you can the days that are good and the ones that aren't take time to just relax and rejuvinate if possible.
If you have a chance check out my new blog..
It's about what I'm planning on doing health wise. I can use all the help if you're will to be part of it.
Happy New Year and God Bless you and yours.

Silvergirl said...

Happy to hear this your doin well now!! I hope and wish you will feel more better.

Happy new year sweety

Anonymous said...

Very good plans indeed for the new year for you. Wishing you all the best!

Happy New Year!