Tuesday, November 3, 2009

When it Rains, It Pours{A Contest}

"There is no particular rainy season in Dubai, as might be expected, but there can be rainfall at any time, even in the summer; however, January to March has the most rainfall days."

--Trip Advisor

My friend Grace over at Sandier Pastures is having a contest-If some of you are avid readers of hers, you know that she is a resident of Dubai and that that area is a very desert-prominent.

So what's the contest you ask? And what does it have to do with rain!?

It has EVERYTHING to do with rain, namely, YOU need to predict when Dubai is to have it's first real rainfall of the season. According to Grace, last year's first rainfall was around mid-November, so she wants to know from you all when the first rain will be.

Prize: Something Dubai related(it's a secret so your going to have to wait and see)!

Head on over and choose your lucky date!

Let the rain pour...

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