Monday, November 23, 2009

Mailbox Monday(11/23)

Mailbox Monday divulges into the inner workings of my mailbox throughout the week. From books to jewelry to free samples to random magazines and letters-You never know what will be in the mail this week...


1. I got some very lovely birthday cards in the mail this week!!
Thanks to everyone who loves me :D

2. My Lymie friend Suzy, bless her big ol' heart had flowers delivered to me ON my birthday!! Can you believe it? And she lives in California/Arkansas. She actually looked up the nearest florist in the area and placed a delivery-I have to say I was almost in happy tears just thinking about how thoughtful she is.

If your reading this Suzy Q, I love you!!

3. As you know, Max of Krafty Max Originals makes some beautiful jewelry (If you didn't know for some reason, I suggest you check her out) and she was so wonderful to send me a little Birthday present care package-I was seriously stunned!

Thank you so much again Max!! You are one amazing lady and I'm so happy to be able to know you :)

4. Thanks to Valerie of Sweeps4Bloggers, I won a Yoga to Go system a few weeks back and just got it on Friday-Three words: I. LOVE. IT.

I hope I will be able to do a review when my other blog get's launched :)

5. Don't you LOVE these cards from Lemontree Cards?! Another one of my winnings, but this time from Angie of A Simple Kinda Life! I'm so excited because hopefully within the next few weeks, I'll be reviewing the cards I got(and there is talk of a giveaway surprise, but you didn't hear it from me)!

6. My lovely and incredibly thoughtful Aunt's both sent me a little something in the mail as well, so I can't wait to see them and be able to thank them in person!

7. Nope, not a present-Another giveaway winning! This came thanks to Cher of Mama's Money Savers.

I got to choose what I wanted from The Natural Bath & Body Shop, so I chose something that I could give as a gift for Christmas-Hopefully I can find someone to give it to :)

In case you were wondering, yes, I did have a particularly lucky week last week(averaged 2 wins a day roughly). I'm planning on putting a series together within the next few weeks on how to win giveaways so if you want to know my secrets, keep coming back!

So what did you all get in the mail this week?


Anonymous said...

Okay, we need to switch mailboxes, like right now. 10-4?

LOL, but seriously congrats on the winnings. I'm excited for your new series. And did you say another blog?

Jill said...

Very fun! ...I mostly get bills... Maybe I should have a giveaway for those!

Matty said...

How nice to be so well thought of by so many people.

I get bills, and some birthday cards this past week.