Thursday, October 22, 2009

Zombieland {Movie Review}


Before the virus erupted and people were turned into flesh eating maniacs, Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) was a regular college student going to school and living life. Now he is a paranoid shut in just trying to survive the best he can. That is until he meets Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), a no-nonsense hard ass ready and roaring to shoot up some zombie ass on his quest to find his savior: The Twinkie. Teaming up, they set off on two different journeys figuring two people are better then one until they have to go their separate ways.

In come sisters, Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) who use some pretty hardcore ways to ensure their survival(although, I quite admire their wicked awesome strategies).

All on four on different paths, but going in the same direction, they slowly learn to trust each other. Add a little humor and romance, gory zombie killing, and Bill Murry, we got the makings of a great movie!

My Thoughts:

Despite the fact that this movie is a eat-em'-all-up zombie movie that's rated R, it's one of the more light-hearted zombie movies I've ever seen(if there is such a thing)! I've heard a lot of controversy behind the movie-Most people who saw it either loved it or they hated it, and you can definitely count me on the 'Loved It' side of the debate!!

All in all it was a pretty damn good movie!!

Not only did they have the bloody gore scenes that I love(yeah, yeah, I'm a weird one), but they had some great humor chocked in between the blood and guts-How you can have time for crackin' a joke when your being chased by blood thirsty virus infected beings, I will never know. I think my favorite thing would have to be the little romance thrown in, which usually never happens in these types of movies-It was a pleasant surprise :-)

I can't wait until this movie comes out on DVD!

**This is an opinion solely based on my thoughts and opinions of the movie in question and no one elses. I was not influenced one way or another to write the subject matter in this review, so if you don't like it or don't agree with it, that is your choice and I fully respect it so please extend me the same curtsy**

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Annette said...

I can't wait until this movie comes out on DVD!

Me too! I'm sooooo buying this movie. Loved it so much.