Monday, October 12, 2009

Something to Work Towards {New Goal}

I'm by no means an athletic person-Sure, when I was younger and in school, I tried out a few sports just because it was something to do and I was trying to find my 'knack' if you will. Some of the sports I tried:
  1. Soccer-I was 9 and convinced that I I L.O.V.E.D soccer. I was on a team and even though I don't remember a lot, I do remember that particular obsession would last until I realized I couldn't play soccer due to dehydration issues.
  2. Cheerleading-I'm only admitting to that one because I was young and stupid.
  3. Basketball-That was a thing my sister and I both did back in elementary school-What I remember: I scored one basket the whole season(and that's because the other team felt sorry for me).
So as you can see, I've tried being a athletic person and I have failed miserably. Plus it doesn't help that I walk into inanimate objects and trip over my own two feet. Lol

But I think I have discovered something that I'm willing to become an athletic person for despite my uncoordinated, clumsy self-Roller Derby.

I know I've heard of it before now, but the movie Whip It brought the sport to my attention and I started doing a little research. That's when I met Erika of Acrylic and Steel on Etsy(You can view her feature HERE ) and to my surprise, she is a roller derby nut too! When all of these things come together like that, It's a sign(and yes, I do believe in signs).

I ended up finding a documentary on the starting of the sport, Hell on Wheels. It was definitely interesting and entertaining, but it focused a great deal on the democracy of the whole thing rather then the actual sport.

This is something I REALLY want to do-The fact of the matter is, I don't think I'll be able to do it because of my Lyme Disease. I'm not going to lie: Throughout the 6 years I've been sick, this is the first thing that I feel was stolen from me.

But that's not going to stop me. I'll just have to work extra hard to see if my roller derby dream is attainable.