Sunday, October 11, 2009

Slapdash Sunday(10/11)

Slapdash Sunday is a day for your proverbial week 'leftovers.' Is there something you wanted to say, but just forgot? Is there something you want to write about, but isn't worth a whole page? Do you have a random thought, funny or otherwise that needs to be written down?

That is what Slapdash Sunday is for!


1. I hate to say it, but I'm getting a little discouraged-I haven't won a single giveaway ANYWHERE in like a month or two(and it's not for lack of trying)! I wonder if some cosmic power is saying 'None for you,' while giving everyone else prizes...

I guess when it's meant to be, it will be-But it's so damn hard to be patient =/

2. Have you ever had it where you have so much to do here, there and everywhere that when the time actually comes to do it all, you can't?

I have and it sucks.

3. Happy Anniversary to my sister, Krysten, and her boyfriend, Kyle!!

They are celebrating 3 years <33>


Ric said...

Is this the place to say this? I'm getting completely fed up with greed in our society. What the heck is wrong with getting a little less than you deserve so that someone else can get some, too?

Unknown said...

I love the slapdash sunday thought is: I have tooth ache and my house need a make-over...yup, not really much for a full blog post :/