Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Random Emotional Post {Read Please}

I cannot being to tell you how much I love my friends both Lymie and non-Lymie alike-As you all know, I've been going through a particularly rough patch at this point in time(which usually happens around this time each year) and I had to step away for a little while while I flipped out reassessed my current situation.

I shut off my phone completely, stopped responding to emails, messages, and chat requests and wrote a message on Facebook titled 'It's that time again,' explaining the what's-what. Here is the message for those who would like to read it:

"So, it's that time of year again and I ain't talking about Halloweenl. I'm talking THAT time of year again and if your a friend or family member of mine who has been with me for the past 6 year or a Lymie friend who's probably going through it too, you know what I'm talking about.

Along with the LD and it's stupid side affects, I'm officially self diagnosing myself with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) because it seems like it's ALWAYS this time of year. That being said, It hit a little earlier then in the past, but this year hasn't been 'the norm' with me JUST starting to walk again the end of August.

Anyway, I wanted to give all of my friends and family a heads up-I'M NOT IGNORING YOU! Okay, in retrospect, I kind of am, but to use the lame excuse, 'it's not you, it's me(which
it actually is).'

I just can't deal with people in my state of physical and emotional health and I really hope you understand-I just need to take care of myself right now.

This is why I'm going to turn off my phone as soon as I have my affairs straight. I may or may not be up to messaging on here, but that is all in due time and on good days.

Thanks for understanding.

Well, my wonderful, fantastic, amazing friend Suzy (bless her ever-lovin' heart) sent me a message a few days after my post saying that she sent me a surprise package.

A surprise it was indeed!

If your reading this Suzy Q, thank you so much, again!!!! This put the biggest smile on my face and my mum was equally as grateful to you because she said she hadn't seen me smile in a long time :-)

I just can't intake all the kindness that has been given to me throughout my last 6 years-When I got this package, my heart nearly burst because it was so full of happiness and love! I only hope I can one day make someone's heart feel all those emotions like that.

I don't say it often, but thank you all for supporting me and just being there, whether you be family or friends, loyal or random reader-I appreciate you all more then I can write and just hope one day I can return your kindnesses.

Love and Energies.


Julie said...

I understand,Kayla, what you are dealing with when it comes to SAD

I have it too.

Take care

mcgdesign said...

sending a smile:)

Pricousins said...

Good luck lady! Hope you get to feeling yourself again soon!

Linda Kish said...

I hope you fell better soon.