Thursday, October 22, 2009

Health Update Thursday(10/22)

As you all know, I'm having a rough go of it the past few days-The SAD seems to have kicked in (not so full force, so that's good) and combined with the Lyme, it makes it double difficult.

I had a freak out last week and had to just step away from life in general for a bit to reassess things, but since then I've been slowly coming back to civilization. It's just hard because anything large or small can set me off at anytime and then I'm back to being a social pariah.

The funny thing was when I was at my worst, my M.I. called and asked my mum, and I quote, 'What's up with Kayla's emotions!?' Seriously, she really did. I talked to her about it and she explained that this was what happens on the current medicine I was taking and that's a sign that it was working.

Kinda bittersweet, huh?

Anyway, health-wise is a 50/50 flip-One day I will be grand and cleaning like there is no tomorrow and the next day I will be in bed with a migraine and a high pain scale. It all just depends(on what, I couldn't tell you cause there is so many contributing factors).

The M.I. did say that by January I'll be able to attend the local community college part time so I'm cautiously optimistic about that-I refuse to be happy until it ACTUALLY HAPPENS because I know better.

That's about it for the update! Thanks for checking up on me :-)

Love and Energies.

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hang in know all this will past...try to hold that...even if you have to write it one the mirror and repeat it aloud every time you see if.