Thursday, October 1, 2009

Health Update Thursday(10/1)

The good news: I feel better physically then I have the past week when I had to take an impromptu vacation.

First of all, I'm doing okay physically-Still fatigued and still have to take it really slowly **ugh**, but generally hanging in there. I feel kinda guilty because I haven't been doing my treatment the way I should be doing(I'm going to do better!).

I also discovered that stretching not only helps the chronic pain, but helps put me to sleep! Whoda thunk it!? So I'm going to work on putting a little regimen together when I have a chance.

The bad news: If I'm not mistaking, the mental shit is coming back with a vengeance.

Why do I say that? Well for some reason that's beyond me, thinking about talking to people, hanging out with people, or even the prospect of people in general sends me into a panic-It's horrible! I can't even stand to be near my phone cause if I get a text message or a phone call, I freak. I've had these phases before, but never this bad.

Hopefully it goes away soon! But I kinda have a feeling this is just the beginning >.< size="2">(and completely irrelevant to the health update), I get to go see my little Auntie Winona May today :D She is my 90 sum year old great aunt who lives in a home on the outskirts of Chicago so I'm pretty excited! Maybe I'll even get some pictures if she's in a lucid mood(she has Alzheimer's so days are good and bad for her, too).

Anyway, have a great Thursday everybody!

Love and Energies.

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