Wednesday, September 16, 2009

RIP Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze, better known for his role as Johnny in the movie Dirty Dancing and Sam in the movie Ghost lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on September 14, 2009 and passed away peacefully in his sleep with his family at his side. He was 57 years old.

When I heard this, I was stunned. Completely and utterly stunned. I knew Swayze was fighting cancer, but the last I heard he was doing fine! This just goes to show you how fast things can change and life can be lost...

For some reason, his death really affected me. I was never really a 'big' fan like my sister and mother(who are both devastated), but ever since I heard of his passing, I have felt very sad and a little depressed.

My heart and thoughts go out to his family.

Love and Energies.

Rest in Peace Patrick Swayze.



Lo Christine said...

So sad. It seems like a great deal of famous people have passed away this year.

The Mommy-Files said...

I was so bummed when I learned that he died. I couldn't believe it! At least he isn't suffering any more :)