Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's Okay, I'm Buying Her a Bra!

I love my friend Breanna.

The other day, a bunch of my friends decided to hang out at a local place in town called Crazy Penguins-It's a gaming place where kids can safely go to play the latest and greatest in computer and video games of all kinds(not to mention they have a half dozen pool tables just ready and waiting for me when I show up).

I know the owner. Which isn't relevant to this story, but I just wanted to point it out ;-)

Anyway, she brought both her little brother and cousin who are about the same age, and our other guy friend. We decided to meet a few other people there as well. Apparently, their mother only gave them $20 for the both of them, so they spent most of it at Penguins.

We decided to grab a bite to eat afterwords, so we went to an all night place that we knew was open(at this time, it was only about 10 pm which is pretty early for us). She was worried because she didn't have enough to buy herself something to eat so I told her no sweat, that I would pay for her and she could pay me back.

Rewind earlier that week: My mum bought me an AMAZING bra at Kohal's that fits like a dream(I can NEVER find one that actually fits) and was inexpensive because of a sale-Well you can imagine my urgency to get 1 or 5 more!! Lol

Now, earlier that day, I had called Breanna up because she works at Kohal's and they were supposedly having another sale on bras. I asked her to pick me up one, but they weren't having a sale that day and it would have been about $30 regularly, so she called me back telling me she would just get it for me when they were going to have a special, which was in a couple of days.

Do you see where I'm going with this....?

Apparently, she felt really bad about borrowing from me, and wanted to let everyone know that she was going to pay me back one way or another because she then announced to the whole table-Her little brother and male cousin, our guy friend, our other girl friend and her boyfriend-and I quote:

"It's okay, I'm buying Kayla a bra."

Yes, you read the above line correctly-She announced to the table that she was Buying. Me. A. Bra. LMFAO!!!

You would think someone would be mortified that that happened in front of a table full of guys, but I just looked at her for a few seconds to make sure that actually came out of her mouth, then nearly busted a gut from laughing so hard. I still randomly fall into sporadic giggle fits ever time I think about it!

I love my friend Breanna.

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