Thursday, September 17, 2009

Health Update Thursday(9/17)

Good news! This week has been a pretty damn good one for me-The only thing is my chronic insomnia is pretty bad. I probably have only gotten 30 to 40 (really crappy) hours of sleep this past 7 days...

But I try to look on the positive side of things so hey, at least I'm able to do a lot of things, blogging and otherwise, when I'm awake. Lol The other night at about 3 am, I went through my jewelry box and got rid of a whole bunch of stuff I don't wear. Productive, no?!

I started a new treatment regimen yesterday and we will see how it goes; I'm only on it for 8 days until I switch to the next regimen and within that span of 8 days, I'm supposed to go to see my M.I. who will break up calcium deposits within my body.

I have seen somewhat of a difference on this new stuff: Flu like symptoms, achy joints(more so then usual), and exhaustion and fatigue(hopefully I can sleep!!). If this stuff helps me sleep, I will be ECSTATIC!

Other then that nothing too eventful-Hopefully I get to go to my M.I. soon, so I'll be able to tell you about that experience, and I'm sure you will be seeing me up and about if my sleeping doesn't get under control.

Love and Energies to Everyone!

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