Friday, September 18, 2009

Featured Blogger Friday(9/18)-Maria's Space

I heard about Maria from someone who sent me an email detailing a project she was doing for fellow Etsians-Of course being an Etsy enthusiast myself, I had to go and look!

I'm very impressed at what she is trying to do, so I thought I would help her spread the word about her blog and what she is trying to accomplish.

So everyone, welcome Maria of Maria's Space!

Q. What's your name and your blog? What other information would you like to share?

My name is Maria and my blog is called Maria’s Space.

Q. Why did you choose that name for your blog?

I started it after I had two babies in 23 months and needed something that belonged to just me. My whole life was based around my children who came from my body, ate from my body and I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, with less than 5 hours of broken sleep a night I seriously needed a sanity outlet and this was a little place all my own.

Q. Why did you start blogging?

Also, my mother died when I was 12 and I have spent the past 31 years searching to know any tidbit about her as a person, a women, a friend! I wanted to leave a legacy for my children so they would never have to wonder what I thought about, wished for or how much I love them.

Q. What kind of stuff do you cover with your blog? Is there a specific genre you write about or is the sky the limit?

The sky is absolutely the limit. I love so many different things and believe variety is the spice of life.

Q. A friend of yours contacted me about doing about something your doing for the Etsy community-Can you share some information about that with The Eclectic Element readers who are also Etsians?

Sure, my blogger friend Lorie (who is the sweetest person by the way) is always thinking of others and I appreciate her friendship so much. I started an Etsy shop after being inspired and awed by the endless talent of the artists on Etsy. I have hosted so many amazing artists on my blog and they are really amazing people. After losing an earring I decided to take the other one apart. I created a necklace and thought wow, I can do this. I have always been somewhat creative, and figured why not try. So Street Angel was born but I still love shopping and finding amazing creations to show my readers. Collaboration rather than competition is a motto I picked up one day from an amazing women. She is so right! There is room for everyone and we all have our special, talents that may or may not appeal to others. That is why I decided to start an Etsy Linky Love Meme for Saturday. Etsy artists can feel free to leave a link to their shop, their sales, or their favorite items. I love to shop Etsy and so do many others, why not allow the artists to showcase their creations?

Q. Name one thing that you love about your blogging job.

I love being able to take one of my photos and journal about it. I have always loved writing and this allows me to be current, keep up my computer skills, and meet amazing people. I also love comments. I appreciate all the product reviews I am able to participate in. I pray to eventually create books for my children of my posts relating to them. I have saved every post on a running Word document and hope to see that happen.

Q. Name one thing your not so fond of about your blogging job.

There is absolutely nothing I am not fond of. If I didn’t love it, I would stop! Even negative comments are good. We are all different and not everyone is going to agree with something I have written. However, I appreciate those who feel the need to comment in an unfavorable way. It is not something I would do, I would choose not to comment at all but I believe in a live and let live attitude.

Q. What's one random fun fact about you?

I am 4’11”

Q. Inspiration comes in many forms for different people. What inspires you?

My children are my biggest inspiration. They are the reason I have a purpose. They made me a better person. I also get inspiration from movies, books, art, poems, and of course Etsy artists!

Q. Any advice for other bloggers?

Write what you love! Never be afraid to take on a subject. Map out time for blogging. I know that sometimes it is hard to get to it, but re-reading my past posts especially about my children, remind me of the little things that I have forgotten. Creating and writing in your blog is leaving a legacy for everyone who loves you, especially if you have children.

Q. Where else can we find you(Etsy shop, other blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc)?

My Etsy shop is Street Angel
My Twitter is
My Facebook is Maria’s Space
My photos are on Flickr

I also have one other blog called Chotskies


Kimberly@PrettyPinkMomma said...

What a great interview!

Maria's Space said...

Thanks so much for featuring me this week. It is such an honor to be considered.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! I know you must feel so proud and happy. Keep up the good work.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Great interview... although I knew most of the stuff about you... :-)
Thanks for the mention, and for saying such nice things about me.
You forgot to mention what a fabulous photographer you are, so I will tell everyone... They should head on over to your site and look at all your GREAT pictures, they are wonderful!!!