Monday, August 17, 2009

You Best Check that Corn!!

As some of you know, I have been walking a little bit here and there with the help of Johnny(my walker). Well Saturday, I started walking much, much better! Actually, I didn't even have to use Johnny some of the times either. So you can imagine why I want to be up and around the house...

Well I decided to venture out into the front room where the rest of the family was kinda using the walker and kinda not and just standing there talking to my family. Imagine my surprise when I see a little black thing dart from under the couch to under my beading station...

I froze.

My family noticed and before they could ask, I yelped, 'I think I just saw a mouse!!!' Of course I couldn't be sure that's EXACTLY what I saw because it was just out of the corner of my eye, but like good little men of the house, my dad and sister's boyfriend started to rummage around under my work station-All the while the females of the house jumped up on the couch(excluding me-I jumped up on Johnny Lmao).

I still laugh at what happened next. Out of nowhere, my mum screeches(and I do mean screeches) '*AHHHH* HE'S OVER THERE!' Although, it kind of sounded like, 'AHHHHYHESOVERTHERE!!!!'

Chaos ensues with mum dumping out a container for my dad to catch the little bugger, my dad and sister's boyfriend closing in on the spot where the culprit had last been seen, my sister holding the dog so he doesn't get in the way, my dog barking and jumping all around cause he had seen the scampering little fur-ball, and me, still on top of Johnny. Lol

It ended up the mouse ran into the bathroom my sister and I share so we just shut the door for a little bit to regroup.

After a while of us debating on the pros and cons of killing vs. letting go, we decided to let him go(after a forceful argument from my sister and I that went something like, "He has a little mouse family so were letting him go!" *evil eye*).

Here are some pictures I took:

Here is the little trouble maker(although, he is quite a little cutie). And don't worry, he really isn't that hairy-We just haven't swept the bathroom linen closet in forever *hangs head in shame*

I asked my sister's boyfriend, Our Mouse Catcher, to pose with his catch, but the little butthead wouldn't. Lol

I thought we should have let him go in the field down the street, but apparently they thought the front yard was okay.

So hopefully the little guy doesn't find a way to come back into the house and goes back to his own family somewhere with an interesting story to tell. On a different note, were not exactly sure where he came from either-Were thinking he came with the organic corn my mum and dad purchased at a local farmer's market that morning...

Moral of the story-Check your corn before you bring it home.


Unknown said...

Oh that would totally freak me out! A mouse ran into the bathroom on me once and I jumped on the toilet seat and stayed there until my parents came home lmao!

Judy said...

Our cats would surprise us with the little critters once in awhile. We would let one of them in the house and would not notice a rodent hanging from its mouth.... All over the house it would run and the cats chasing it, we would try to "save" it but most times gave up and let the cats back in and they would catch it again in a flash. They were much better mousers than us.

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

LOL - I read the whole thing laughing and trying to figure out what on EARTH the mouse had to do with checking your corn!