Tuesday, August 11, 2009

TechNest Report(TNR)-A Story.

Story time! Gather round, gather round-I want to tell you story of a girl who found a band she absolutely adored(The Filthy Souls). Ever since she discovered them on a favorite television show(10 Things I Hate About You), she has been listening to their Myspace Music Page none stop, over and over again (I know...Sad).

She looked them up on iTunes, but alas, she was too cheap to purchase the $13 sum dollars worth of songs they had out already.

"Hey," she thought, "Why don't I enter some contests for a gift card and see if I can get lucky!" So she began entering contests she found on Google(cause she has mad skillz like that). This one site she came upon was called Technest Report. Looking around a bit, she found a contest and entered it thinking she had nothing to lose...

Guess what!?

She was contacted the very next day saying she had won! Now how freakin' lucky is that!?!?

The End.

TechNest Report is a website that 'covers, reviews, and analyzes the tech industry from head to toe.' Going through their website more thoroughly, I have found some very interesting tips and tricks dealing with the latest and greatest in technology and their brands! Some of which are:

Not only do they have information on technology and brands, they also offer information on social media networks such as Google and Twitter. They also have a section for Media and Tips.

One of the TechNest team has asked me a question, and this is your chance to have your opinion heard!

What would you guys be interested in seeing more of over at TechNest Report?

Would you guys like to see more helpful tips and tricks, or are you guys more interested in reading about what's new in the technology world?

Let us know in a comment! And while your at it, check out TechNest Report to see what they have to offer for you.

Love and Energies.

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