Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Spotlight on PR


This is a wonderful opportunity that I just came upon the other day thanks to on of my blogger friends Melissa at Outnumbered 3 to 1. Spotlight on PR is sponsored by Tara over at Feels Like Home and Adrienne over at Adrienne's House. I believe I speak for all of us who are participating when I say a BIG thank you for this amazing chance :D

Here is a little about me:

My name is Kayla and I am about to turn 20 years old in November(scary thought!). Even though I graduated from high school back in 2008, I haven't been able to attend college due to a chronic illness I have(for more information on that, check out my About Me Section). What do I do now that I have 24 hours out of 24 hours free you may ask? Well I have a wide variety of likes and activities I try to occupy myself with during the day, some of which include:

  • Reading-To say I'm an avid reader is an insult! It goes way beyond 'avid,' in my opinion...I LOVE to read anything and everything I get my hands on. In fact, I just discovered that I can request books from the local library on line!! So let's just say we make frequent trips at least twice a week.
  • Arts and Crafts-Thanks in most part to my mother, I have been brought up in a very crafty household. You name it, I have either tried it or plan on trying it in the future. Some of my 'main' crafts include: Scrapbooking, jewelry design, knitting and crocheting. Of course there is more, but those are my 'main staples.'
  • Nature-It hurts my heart to not be able to go outside and be in nature. For the past 9 months, the closest I have gotten to being outside is sitting on the front porch >.<>
  • Computer and Technology-I'm usually a very modest person, but when it comes to the computer and different types of technology, I have no problem in saying I'm pretty good(Granted, I'm no computer major, but I make do) . I enjoy new technology and seeing what capabilities it has, as well as, surfing the Internet to see what I can find that's interesting.
  • Learning-Just because I'm out of school, doesn't mean I don't love to learn. Just the opposite, I wish I could be in school! There is so much I want to learn and do as I grow up that it's sometimes overwhelming =]
  • Helping People-I think this one is self explanatory. Actually, this is most of the reason I started The Eclectic Element-To help crafters and artists like me get the word out about their stores and products. As I started doing that, my blog slowly but continually started to grow into something that I'm extremely happy and proud to call my own.

Enough babble about me! Now onto my blog:

The Eclectic Element is just what the name suggests-An eclectic mix of different types of features, product reviews, giveaways and life in general as it comes at me. This blog is as much for my readers as it is for me and my Etsy shop(probably even more so). I believe in the people and products I review and feature; If I didn't then I wouldn't feature or review them! My views and opinions are all my own and I strongly believe in telling it like it is.

If your interested in talking with me or have any questions regarding myself or my blog, you can view my Contact Me Page for more information and details or you can just email me directly at

Love and Energies to All!

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