Saturday, August 8, 2009

Health Update Thursday on Saturday(8/8)

I know, I know-This Health Update Thursday post is a little late...But better late then never right?

The reason it was late is because I have been feeling massively drained the past few days, and no, not my normal fatigued self. MASSIVELY is the correct terminology when referring to the state I have been in. It all started on Thursday when I had an appointment with a medical intuitive.

Yes, I said Medical Intuitive.

For those of you who don't believe in that 'voodoo' turn back now! I am a very strong believer in that side of things; We can refer to it as the right brain if you will. It was strangely justifying to go to this woman too because I didn't feel as if I was alone in the right brained side anymore.

If your not aware, chronically ill people are more in tune with their intuitive sides-Not exactly sure why, but we just are. I have had many different experiences with my intuition, the paranormal, and other different spiritual things that I probably shouldn't get into because I'd scare the bejeesus out of you guys(those stories can be for another time).

Anyway, this lady was just so amazing! She did her own version of muscle testing on me, but instead of pushing down on my arm like most doctors would do, she used her own intuition to decipher what I could and couldn't have, what I had in my body, what treatments would work, etc. It was all so interesting!

After we figured out what was what, she 'wrapped and zapped me.' This basically means she gave me something much like a large magnet that sends out electricity into your body and put me in a big bunch of blankets which looked like tin foil(I was a regular baked potato ha ha).

Maybe that's what made me so tired? She did give us some stuff to take so we will be starting that tomorrow and seeing what happens. In the mean time, I think I'm just going to relax and see if this horrible dragging feeling will go away-On top of that since I'm so fatigued, you would think I can sleep.

Think again.

I'm so damn tired of not sleeping! From now on I'm just going to grab those Zs where I can whether that be a nap in the afternoon or drugging myself for some precious ours of shut eye.

I can't think of anything else to update you guys on at the moment...If you have any questions about the medical intuitive, just ask away! It's very hard to explain what she did in a blog so I welcome questions =]

Until next time.

Love and Energies.


Hypnotransformations said...

I am very intuitive as well. I'm a therapist and I can get very fatigued just by being so in tune with peoples energy. I have to have down days just to avoid compassion fatigue.
The medical intuitive sounds very interesting.

Mirit Eder-Turley said...

You would be surprised how many people see medical intuitives, have experiences that aren't talked about in public.

Glad to hear you went to see a medical intuitive. Hope your energies come back to speed soon.

BTW I'm a certified medical intuitive - via Caroline Myss and a healer in my own right.