Monday, July 6, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen*Review*


The time: two years after Sam Witwicky(Shia LaBeouf) and the Autobots save the world from Megatron and his army of Decepticons. Of course we can't leave out his consort and love interest, Mikaela Banes(Megan Fox) who got caught up in Sam's intergolactic struggles early on. When we left them, they were safely in each others arms guarded over by Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots.

Fast forward two years.

Sam(Shia) just wants a normal life, which means going away to college. Despite the fact that he has to leave his girlfriend(Megan) and his protector-disguised-as-his-car, Bumblebee, he is excited-Until something happens that spirals Sam, Mikaela and his family into chaos and threatens humanity once more.

Without revealing too much, Sam, Mikaela and their new, as well as, old friends must race against the Decepticons to retrieve something more valuable then the AllSpark in order to save the world.

My thoughts:

I recently got to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and I must say, I'm quite disappointed. I wasn't the biggest fan of the first Transformers movie, but it was still okay in my opinion(if not quite slow). I was anxious to see the second one because I figured it would be better then the first one, but I was wrong.

Despite the fact that they have all the same well known actors and the story has a solid plot, the movie, from beginning to end, is just overrun with action and adventure scenes. I can understand the action and adventure because that's what this movie is, but this is way over the top overdone to the point of a headache.

Don't get me wrong, I loved what little acting was shown, the actors, and the solid plot line, but all the action was just too much for me! If your a person who just likes none stop action with little acting interruption in your movies, then you would probably like this. But if your someone who wants substance, then your probably not going to find the movie to your liking.

Why take my word for it though? Go see it and judge for yourself!

**This is an opinion solely based on my thoughts and opinions of the movie in question and no one else's. I was not influenced one way or another to write the subject matter in this review, so if you don't like it or don't agree with it, that is your choice and I fully respect it so please extend me the same curtsy**

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