Thursday, July 30, 2009

Health Update Thursday(7/30)

This week has been a rough one for me, but I brought it on myself...I just HAD to eat that bowl of ice cream on Saturday >.<

The funny thing is usually when I eat something I'm not supposed to, I suffer for it, yes, but not to this degree which has me wondering if multiple factors where to blame for my extremely ill state at the beginning of the week.

Sunday was excruciating pain-I hurt so bad that I was near tears the whole day. I knew, as my mother says to me everyday, "If you don't get up and move, it's like taking one step back from getting better." So with that in mind, I forced myself to attempt to crawl and stand. That is when I finally cried.

Monday wasn't as bad as Monday pain wise, but it was very bad fatigue wise. Seriously, I couldn't make it to the bathroom(which is a couple of feet from my room) without taking a few breaks in between. I would take that over the pain though-I'm used to the draining fatigue.

Tuesday is when it started to look up-Yes I was still in pain and I was tired, but that is the story of my life; It's my normal. The insomnia has reared it's ugly head(more so then usual), so I'm lucky to get to bed at 5 am most mornings. But I'm still moving around and exercising so that is good!

Oh and you will never get this-I was so pissed off I was ready to call and bitch someone out. My mum has been waiting for these heart tests for about a month now and her stress test was finally on the 27th. We were all happy because we knew it was something she wanted to get done and over with.

Well the 27th came and she was getting ready when she got a phone call...

Uh oh you say? It was the place calling to say their machine broke and that she is rescheduled to August 20th. AUGUST FREAKING 20TH! Oh I'm so angry I could just go down there and raise holy hell. In fact, I really, really wish I could.

Now yesterday(Wednesday), my mum gets a bill from our insurance telling us that they won't pay for her appointment with the heart doctor or the tests he ordered. Just for the 15 minute appointment alone where he listened to her heart and said she was fine, she has to pay $1,000 out of pocket(keep in mind that is NOT including the two tests or the other doctor appointment she had).

I hate bastards like insurance companies. I really do.

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