Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Capture All your Summer Memories with Multiply

I haven't had experience of having a good media sharing site; Actually, I haven't really felt the need for a media sharing site until just recently.

First of all, I think it's very important to have your pictures backed up somewhere other then on your computer. There are so many horror stories out there of years of memories being wiped away because of someones stupidity or a freak accident.

Second, since it's the day and age of the digital camera and disposable cameras are all but obsolete, pictures have to go onto your computer no matter whether you like it or not. So why not have some place you trust to store them?

That's why when I was contacted to do a review for Multiply, I jumped at the chance.

Some information on Multiply from their site:

"Multiply combines the fun of social networking with the usefulness of photo printing and photo-management software, making it the ideal home for your most cherished memories. " In addition to the site’s newly designed look and feel, Multiply 4.0 now enables its members to do even more, with new tools and features that make it a complete media management and communications tool in the cloud."

Major changes include:

  • Multiply’s Media Locker serves as a member’s central home for media – making it easier than ever to publish photo albums and videos with a few clicks, while offering members a private, secure dashboard to view, organize, store and edit their media.
  • Fully Integrated Online photo editing tools including red eye and blemish reduction, cropping and resizing, contrast/brightness controls, exposure adjustment and auto leveling – make it easy to edit photos right from a member’s Media Locker, making photo editing possible at any time, from any computer. With Version 4.0, Multiply will be the first major social network that offers photo editing integrated within its core service.
  • Multiply’s AutoUploader is more powerful than ever, making it a simple, time-saving solution for automatically uploading media files to the Multiply Media Locker. AutoUploaders save, on average, 90 minutes each week in upload time with the free, quickly installed, no fuss tool. The AutoUploader provides a completely automated back up solution for a member’s most precious photos and videos.
  • Picasa and Windows Photo Gallery plug-ins will allow members to seamlessly import their desktop media galleries to their online media lockers.
  • An Expanded Selection of Photo Finishing Options, with additional themes and options for turning favorite photos into physical products, including photo books, calendars, cards and prints, give members the ability to turn their favorite photos into memorable keepsakes.
(And this is on top of their already wonderful and extensive features list)!

I wanted to add my personal thoughts to this review, so I went on and created myself a free account. They sure weren't kidding when they say the site is easily navigated and created for the user in mind! They even have a tutorial you can go through before you set out into the site!

Now, not only is it easy, but it's incredibly fast; "Set it and Forget it," as the site says! Just before I started to write this review, I uploaded a few albums of photographs and a video or two and I was very pleased at how smoothly it went.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Multiply to anyone who wants...
  • Piece of mind that their pictures, videos, and other memories are safe if something(heaven forbid) may happen to their computers or other technological devices.
  • To be able to share priceless memories with family members and friends all over the world with just a few clicks of your mouse.
  • The simple accessibility and easy-to-use features of a wonderful media sharing site.
And a big thank you goes out to Multiply for allowing me this wonderful chance to review their site! They have shared an awesome opportunity with The Eclectic Element readers, too. If you go ahead and sign up today, they have extended a coupon code for 50 free 4x6 prints! When your ordering your prints, just use the code: 50ECLECTIC

When it comes to new websites and pieces of technology, I LOVE to go exploring and learn as much as I can, so undoubtedly I'm off to learn more about Multiply and everything they have to offer! I'm also going to upload more of my memories because I want to make sure they are safe and sound(I have a problem with my computer deleting my pictures every now and again).

Love and Energies.