Friday, July 3, 2009

Are We Destined to be Ghosts?

Wednesday, my mother, sister and I had kind of like a girl's day out because 'the man' of the house was away on business all day. We woke up, putzed around the house getting things done, got dressed, and blew that Popsicle stand like it was yesterdays news!

I had a check to deposit from my dropped class(I still can't believe they refunded the whole amount!), but after that was done, we did a little shopping on the other side of town.

I remember when going to the other side of town was a big deal for all of us. There is the mall, a personal favorite of mine: Borders, and other strip mall type stores like World Market, Old Navy, Hobby Lobby, etc etc. It's usually an all day type deal because of the vast amount the other side of town holds!

Today when we went, it was incredibly sad and scary to see how the economy has effected the once lively and prosperous side of town. 25% of the stores went out of business, so you pass empty store fronts(no more World Market, Circuit City, and K Mart). 25% are still okay like the necessity chain stores: Target and Walmart. But those 75% are hanging on by a minute, little thread.

The Hobby Lobby(a local craft store) that I used to go into would be filled with people walking around and shopping and have the latest and greatest in craft supplies, seasonal items, cute little furniture and nick knacks that always looked pretty in the store, but if you bought them and got them home, you would have no where to put them...Going there today, they have really hit rock bottom. My mother used the word 'dump' and I have to agree. The shelves were poorly stocked, there was really no one there, and it was just...very sad looking.

Same with Old Navy next door. Even though they had amazing sales(all the jewelry I bought was 1/2 off), they had nothing of value and substance to make the store look like a store. I'm worried that they are going to be the next claimed in the rotten economy crisis.

I just wonder is this ever going to be fixed or are we going to end up like ghost towns-random store closings until eventually, nothing is left but empty store fronts and the reminders of what once was. And more scary yet, are we all destined to be ghosts in these once prosperous towns?

I know I'm not alone when I say this needs to be fixed! Like yesterday!


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

This truly is a sad state that our country is delving in now. I really don't know how one can fix it other than NOT to rely on the government to bail everyone out. I eblieve that most of our problems started with the death of democracy and the move towards socialism. Of course, just my humble opinion, but once governments started to run matter whose administration, we fall into a major recession.

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

That's so sad! It's hard to see all the places that have and are closing down. Even if they are places I never went too...