Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wizard of Oz Weather

That is the photograph my friend sent me via picture message from her phone yesterday.
(We both fancy ourselves tornado chasers in a strictly stationary sense)

I swear though, If I was given the chance, I would definitely go out there and try my hand at chasing storms(what can I say; I come by it naturally from my mum)!!

Yesterday was so amazing! The storms were just raging from midnight Thursday morning until about 10:00 pm Friday evening. The only downer of the whole storm-thing was that I couldn't make it next door for a graduation party because it was just raining cats and dogs for a good solid hour and by the time we wheeled me down our driveway, down the sidewalk, up their driveway and up the two steps into their house, I would have needed a towel to dry off.

But isn't that picture something!? Apparently, she sent me the Wizard of Oz sound effects, but I didn't get the sound clip. Lol

Just thought I would share with everyone!
Love and Energies.


KatBouska said...

I love storms!! I don't think I'd ever chase the non stationary sense...and I've never been in anything remotely CLOSE to a hurricane...but I think they're cool. :)

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

You crack me up - stationary storm chasers! LOL