Monday, June 29, 2009

The Stupidity of People: A Rant-Please Read!

I have a lymie friend who has been through hell many times and is still making continual trips now and again because of how bad her Lyme Disease is. She has SEVERE MCS(Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) to the point where she can't go anywhere without a mask, heavy duty sunglasses, and ear mufflers.

She is currently seeking treatment from a doctor a few states away from her own and has been commuting back and forth for a couple months now.

This last time she went up with her mother. On their way back, something happened that scared her and left me seeing red when I heard about what happened. I'll let you hear it from my friend herself:

"So last night around 9:15 p.m. my mom and I were coming back from a doctors appointment trip, and the car needed gas. With my MCS I can't be in the car when my mom is fueling up without getting a huge reaction which affects my airways. So my mom dropped me off at a park, which was down the street from the gas can see the gas station and park from each other. She wanted me to take our pepper spray with me, since I am sick and for protection.

I had my sunglasses, earplugs and mask on. So I am waiting for my mom, and a police car drives up. 2 police men come out of the car, and ask me what I am doing. I told them that my mom was down the street getting gas and that I have MCS... I can't handle the fumes from the gas. One of the policemen says "Right" with the tone of "Yeah Right" didn't believe me. Then they pointed there flashlight at me and I flinched...light sensitivity. And then of course they have fragrance on them, so I was reacting and my lungs were burning and I was having a hard time breathing.

So I told them, that I was about the step back, because I was reacting to their laundry soap. And the police man says again "Right" in the same tone as I stepped back, and they stepped forward. Then I showed them the pepper spray that I had in my hand, like you can see it if you want. And he asked why I had it, I told him 1) that my over-protective mom told me to carry it and 2) because I am sick, I have Lyme and well to protect myself if something happened. He then say "Right" again. Then he asked if I was from around the area, and I said "No, I am traveling home from a doctors appointment, and my mom and I are on our way home."

Then one of the men asked if I had ID, and I don't drive so I don't have one. He asked me for all my information and I gave it to him. I see my mom pull up, and I say there's my mom. She runs out of the car yelling "If you have Cologne on, you are causing her damage." And telling them all that I had before. That I have MCS and can't be in the car while she gets gas, so that is why I was at the park. And everything else that I told them. Then they allowed me to go and say "Have a Goodnight", and I got in the car, put my oxygen trying to help me breathe better. And took all the detox agents that I had.

Let me just say my legs were trembling, and I was scared. Getting approached by police is scary, especially when you aren't doing anything wrong."

I can understand why the police stopped to check her out-Someone sitting on a park bench at night with dark sunglasses and earplugs in will look suspicious. They were just doing their job. What I DON'T understand is how they could harass and patronize her like that!

In another email, she told me she wrote to their boss, and explained the situation, what happened, how she felt, and gave him some suggestions like educating his staff on people with chronic illnesses and some things to stay away from for their sakes. He wrote back and didn't even apologize for what happened and he went on to justify his officer's actions.

That makes me so mad I want to spit! WE are the one's who are sick! WE have gone through all this shit! WE can't be expected to think of everything to make it easier for EVERYONE else. Some people need to learn that it's not all about them and to pick up some of the slack.

I mean she could have DIED if her mum didn't come in time! They could have hauled her into the squad car and because of the closed space, their laundry detergent and cologne, her throat could have closed up and she could have died. Then who's fault would it be?

I'm just saying, THIS is exactly why people need to be educated about things.


balanced. said...

That is awful.

People are very self involved and you're right, we do need to be educated about these things.

Thank you helping us see. :)

Anonymous said...

Than you Kayla, for writing this on your blog! Anything to bring awarenss to what happen. thank you!

Jess // CLineCreations said...

That is ridiculous, and sadly, so easy to believe. Ignorance is really a terrible thing, and the problem is, most people don't realize their ignorance with things like that. I'm so sorry your friend had that awful ordeal.

Grace @ Sandier Pastures said...

I must admit, I don't know anything about Lyme Disease until I found your blog and most especially, after this post. That is scary.

I hope more people will have better education regarding this disease.

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Oh wow - that's horrible!