Sunday, June 28, 2009

Slapdash Sunday(6/28)

Slapdash Sunday is a day for your proverbial week 'leftovers.' Is there something you wanted to say, but just forgot? Is there something you want to write about, but isn't worth a whole page? Do you have a random thought, funny or otherwise that needs to be written down?

That is what Slapdash Sunday is for!

*Is anyone else having problems with the blogger publisher? The past few days I have had to go in and manually publish my posts because the automatic publishing isn't working. Anyone know what's going on?

*I'm reading the Twilight series again ^.^
(Yes, I am pathetic)

*Does anyone else think those commercials where they spout continual random facts is extremely creepy?

*If your a blog that I follow, I am sorry I haven't been around to comment and view your latest posts! I promise I'm making my rounds(or at least trying to) so be patient with me and know I'm trying =]

*My page rank seemed to have dropped down to N/A again when just the other day it was at 1. Can anyone tell me what happened and how I can get it back up again?

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