Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ice Cream Maaaaaan!!

An amazing thing happened to us the other week.

We got an ICE CREAM MAN!!

I'm serious, it was on Father's Day. That day, my mum was talking to my dad about the good ol' days and the subject of the ice cream man came up. Apparently my dad had saw an ice cream man in the area and forgot to tell my mum about it.

She got all "upset" that he didn't tell her, but she thought it was pretty cool.

Low and behold about 5 minutes later my dad came in from outside yelling, "The ice cream man is here, the ice cream man is here!" That's when we heard a jolly jingle and realized oh my goodness, he really was here!!

You should have seen it then-All the shouts of 'Ice cream man' and the rushing out the door to catch him before he passed. You would have totally thought we were all crazy or a bunch of little kids!

That totally made my mother's day though, let me tell you. All day she just kept smiling and giggling to herself and saying she couldn't believe it.

It was equally as funny the second time he came around which was last Thursday. My mum and I got home from an appointment somewhere and we both heard him. Both of our eyes went wide and we rushed to get inside(which was a pretty funny sight-an excited lady rushing her excited wheelchair bound kid into the house at the sound of the ice cream man).

Then it was all of us rifling around trying to scrounge up enough money since between all of us, we didn't have much of anything. There were shouts of, "I have two dollars," and then another shout from a distant room, "I found a dollar and some change!" My mum was the funniest of all tearing through her purse and giggling. She also got a hold of our change bank and was on the couch imitating the great Michelle Tanner scene from Full House, "GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT." Lol

But the best part was when we all rushed outside in the middle of a lightening storm(reminder: I'm in a metal wheelchair) to get our ice cream. It hadn't yet started to rain, but the clouds where swirling, the wind was whipping and the lightening was definitely threatening to zap me(or so it seemed). Lol

The saddest part of all is he didn't even come!! I guess I don't blame him with the impending doom of a storm on his heals, but still, I was crushed =/ I guess there is still next time! This time, we will all be ready because I came up with the brilliant idea to have an ice cream man fund jar by the front door :D :D :D


balanced. said...

How funny!
We have one in our neighborhood, I guess I didn't realize they had disappeared from some.

That ice cream man fund jar idea is brilliant!

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

My grandparents still have one that goes through their neighborhood. Too bad they are two states away!