Thursday, June 11, 2009

Health Update Thursday

So I have decided to do something different with Health Advice Thursday. I know, It went from Monday to Thursday and how there is going to be more changes?! Well I have found that keeping up with the advice part is what's getting me, so Thursdays are going to be dedicated to advice when I think of it, as well as, My updates.

I figure I started blogging for me, why not let there be a weekly post dedicated to my progress and well being?

So on with my update:

*The cold/flu/sinus infection/herx thing(whatever it was) is mostly gone, but it has left remnants of symptoms that will probably be with me for awhile longer yet. But that's what usually happens when I get sick. It takes me longer to recover then most people.

*Besides the remnants of the flu thing, I'm not doing very good. Physically I'm about the same(no changes), but my mental state is starting to slip again. My mental health gets worse then any physical pain sometimes, so this undoubtedly worries me. I have requested the services of a counselor, but I'm not sure if were going to find one suitable for my needs because they are either:

A. Ungodly expensive
B. Not Lyme Literate

And if they aren't LL then there really is no point in going to them because they wouldn't understand anyway.

*I'm going to be starting the hydrogen peroxide IVs next week so hopefully that will induce some sort of improvement, even if it's very little.

*I went and had colonics done on Tuesday and let me tell you(without going into unneeded TMI info), It was the most uncomfortable experience I have been through In a long time. But hey, you gotta do whatcha gotta do, right?

*I go to the doctor today for a meyer and a B 12, so hopefully that will perk me up some.

*There is talk of me going on a no sugar diet. I'm a little sketchy with the details but I'll let you know the details when they happen.

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Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

*hugs* I hope the new treatments help and that your mental problems get better too! Those are the most frustrating I think. I get mental issues with my exhaustion and migraines...but I doubt it's as bad as what you deal with.