Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Unite!

My Daddy and I when I was quite little

Happy Father's Day! my father and to all the other father's out there! This is your guys' day so make the most of it :D

But seriously, I love my daddy!! He has his quarks *rolls eyes* but what father doesn't? The most important thing is that he is always supportive of me and my sister in whatever we do and he has been there 90% of the time with my illness.

That is all I could ever ask for! I just wish I could do more for him on his special day, you know? He doesn't want anything because if he did he would have gone out and got the doggone thing himself.

I guess I just hope that he knows he is still loved and adored even though my sister and I are almost 19 and 20(he has been depressed ever since my sister graduated high school).

Love you Daddy!

Make sure you tell your dad, grandfather, stepfather or whoever that you appreciate everything they do for you too.

Love and Energies.


LoveandLustDesigns said...

Omg I love this photo! You and your dad are so adorable :D

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Wonderful tribute to your Dad :)