Monday, June 29, 2009

The Stupidity of People: A Rant-Please Read!

I have a lymie friend who has been through hell many times and is still making continual trips now and again because of how bad her Lyme Disease is. She has SEVERE MCS(Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) to the point where she can't go anywhere without a mask, heavy duty sunglasses, and ear mufflers.

She is currently seeking treatment from a doctor a few states away from her own and has been commuting back and forth for a couple months now.

This last time she went up with her mother. On their way back, something happened that scared her and left me seeing red when I heard about what happened. I'll let you hear it from my friend herself:

"So last night around 9:15 p.m. my mom and I were coming back from a doctors appointment trip, and the car needed gas. With my MCS I can't be in the car when my mom is fueling up without getting a huge reaction which affects my airways. So my mom dropped me off at a park, which was down the street from the gas can see the gas station and park from each other. She wanted me to take our pepper spray with me, since I am sick and for protection.

I had my sunglasses, earplugs and mask on. So I am waiting for my mom, and a police car drives up. 2 police men come out of the car, and ask me what I am doing. I told them that my mom was down the street getting gas and that I have MCS... I can't handle the fumes from the gas. One of the policemen says "Right" with the tone of "Yeah Right" didn't believe me. Then they pointed there flashlight at me and I flinched...light sensitivity. And then of course they have fragrance on them, so I was reacting and my lungs were burning and I was having a hard time breathing.

So I told them, that I was about the step back, because I was reacting to their laundry soap. And the police man says again "Right" in the same tone as I stepped back, and they stepped forward. Then I showed them the pepper spray that I had in my hand, like you can see it if you want. And he asked why I had it, I told him 1) that my over-protective mom told me to carry it and 2) because I am sick, I have Lyme and well to protect myself if something happened. He then say "Right" again. Then he asked if I was from around the area, and I said "No, I am traveling home from a doctors appointment, and my mom and I are on our way home."

Then one of the men asked if I had ID, and I don't drive so I don't have one. He asked me for all my information and I gave it to him. I see my mom pull up, and I say there's my mom. She runs out of the car yelling "If you have Cologne on, you are causing her damage." And telling them all that I had before. That I have MCS and can't be in the car while she gets gas, so that is why I was at the park. And everything else that I told them. Then they allowed me to go and say "Have a Goodnight", and I got in the car, put my oxygen trying to help me breathe better. And took all the detox agents that I had.

Let me just say my legs were trembling, and I was scared. Getting approached by police is scary, especially when you aren't doing anything wrong."

I can understand why the police stopped to check her out-Someone sitting on a park bench at night with dark sunglasses and earplugs in will look suspicious. They were just doing their job. What I DON'T understand is how they could harass and patronize her like that!

In another email, she told me she wrote to their boss, and explained the situation, what happened, how she felt, and gave him some suggestions like educating his staff on people with chronic illnesses and some things to stay away from for their sakes. He wrote back and didn't even apologize for what happened and he went on to justify his officer's actions.

That makes me so mad I want to spit! WE are the one's who are sick! WE have gone through all this shit! WE can't be expected to think of everything to make it easier for EVERYONE else. Some people need to learn that it's not all about them and to pick up some of the slack.

I mean she could have DIED if her mum didn't come in time! They could have hauled her into the squad car and because of the closed space, their laundry detergent and cologne, her throat could have closed up and she could have died. Then who's fault would it be?

I'm just saying, THIS is exactly why people need to be educated about things.

Mailbox Monday

So today I have that doctor appointment that was canceled last week. I'm not sure what to expect, but hopefully it helps! I have both sides of the predictions-'Your going to be down so expect feeling like crap' and or 'You may feel better because of them.'

Anyone want to place bets?!

Anyway, have a happy Monday everyone =]

I got this amazingly beautiful necklace from one lovely lady named Echo. I don't know if you remember, but I did a review for her awhile back(if your interested, check out the review HERE)on her Etsy shop Nutmegclick.

I love going through her shop to see what she has added and I had my eye on this little beauty for awhile before I actually took the plunge and purchased it(it did help a little bit that it was on sale).

After a seemingly long and excitingly agonizing wait, it arrived in a fun little package last Monday. I took it out and fell right in love with it :D

The only bad thing is it's not long enough to fit my fat little neck(I think I just contradicted myself) so I'm going to have to do a little putzin around with it. I will make it fit!

Story time!! You know how you go to the library or a garage sale and get a book that looks appealing to you, only to find something inside while flipping through the pages? Kind of like a little treasure-I always LOVE to find random pieces of paper, used bookmarks and other seemingly useless things inside the pages of a book.

Well one of those times, I found a bookmark that became very special to me. I used it so much that it started to disintegrate(no joke). I even laminated it with clear tape when It looked like it lost a few good chunks from it.

Well, I lost it one day last year and I have been looking for it ever since! I was devastated when I lost that thing and searched everywhere for it until about a month ago when I finally gave up looking for it.

That's when I remembered a feature I did on MonicaMarks-an Etsy shop that specialized in custom bookmarks(view the feature Here). Well I didn't hesitate to contact Monica and have her make me a custom bookmark that I will love just as much as the one I lost and she succeeded!!

I didn't wait to use it! I ripped that package open and it's in my Twilight book as I type ;-)

This was a case of 'I'm-a-lucky-SOB' Lol On a whim, I decided to enter for this book in a contest over at Sweeps4Bloggers about an hour before it was done and guess what!? I got a congratulatory email the next day saying I had one! O.o

I thought this would be perfect for my sister who is going away to college in the fall and I was extremely happy I could give it to her when It arrived on Friday :D

Now whether she reads it is a different matter. Lol

What did you get in your mailbox this week?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ice Cream Maaaaaan!!

An amazing thing happened to us the other week.

We got an ICE CREAM MAN!!

I'm serious, it was on Father's Day. That day, my mum was talking to my dad about the good ol' days and the subject of the ice cream man came up. Apparently my dad had saw an ice cream man in the area and forgot to tell my mum about it.

She got all "upset" that he didn't tell her, but she thought it was pretty cool.

Low and behold about 5 minutes later my dad came in from outside yelling, "The ice cream man is here, the ice cream man is here!" That's when we heard a jolly jingle and realized oh my goodness, he really was here!!

You should have seen it then-All the shouts of 'Ice cream man' and the rushing out the door to catch him before he passed. You would have totally thought we were all crazy or a bunch of little kids!

That totally made my mother's day though, let me tell you. All day she just kept smiling and giggling to herself and saying she couldn't believe it.

It was equally as funny the second time he came around which was last Thursday. My mum and I got home from an appointment somewhere and we both heard him. Both of our eyes went wide and we rushed to get inside(which was a pretty funny sight-an excited lady rushing her excited wheelchair bound kid into the house at the sound of the ice cream man).

Then it was all of us rifling around trying to scrounge up enough money since between all of us, we didn't have much of anything. There were shouts of, "I have two dollars," and then another shout from a distant room, "I found a dollar and some change!" My mum was the funniest of all tearing through her purse and giggling. She also got a hold of our change bank and was on the couch imitating the great Michelle Tanner scene from Full House, "GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT." Lol

But the best part was when we all rushed outside in the middle of a lightening storm(reminder: I'm in a metal wheelchair) to get our ice cream. It hadn't yet started to rain, but the clouds where swirling, the wind was whipping and the lightening was definitely threatening to zap me(or so it seemed). Lol

The saddest part of all is he didn't even come!! I guess I don't blame him with the impending doom of a storm on his heals, but still, I was crushed =/ I guess there is still next time! This time, we will all be ready because I came up with the brilliant idea to have an ice cream man fund jar by the front door :D :D :D

Slapdash Sunday(6/28)

Slapdash Sunday is a day for your proverbial week 'leftovers.' Is there something you wanted to say, but just forgot? Is there something you want to write about, but isn't worth a whole page? Do you have a random thought, funny or otherwise that needs to be written down?

That is what Slapdash Sunday is for!

*Is anyone else having problems with the blogger publisher? The past few days I have had to go in and manually publish my posts because the automatic publishing isn't working. Anyone know what's going on?

*I'm reading the Twilight series again ^.^
(Yes, I am pathetic)

*Does anyone else think those commercials where they spout continual random facts is extremely creepy?

*If your a blog that I follow, I am sorry I haven't been around to comment and view your latest posts! I promise I'm making my rounds(or at least trying to) so be patient with me and know I'm trying =]

*My page rank seemed to have dropped down to N/A again when just the other day it was at 1. Can anyone tell me what happened and how I can get it back up again?

Friday, June 26, 2009

FBF-Outnumbered 3 to 1

I started thinking about a week ago that I feature Etsy shops, so why can't I feature bloggers? They contribute a great deal to the shopping world by featuring, reviewing, and giving away goods that draws attention to particular products and companies, thus, us as shoppers go out and purchase because we see a great review.

They do just as much and I would love to help them just like I do different shops and companies.

So I have dedicated Friday as Feature Blogger Friday!

And our first lucky blogger today is a good friend of mine that has been with me since I started blogging back in March.

Some of you probably know her, but for those who don't, meet Melissa of Outnumbered 3 to 1 and Shimmer Me Blue.

1. What's your name and your blog? Is there any other information would you like to share?

I'm Melissa and I blog at Outnumbered 3 to 1. I'm a mother of 2 amazing boys, girlfriend to the greatest guy and I love to blog and make jewelry in my spare time.

2. Why did you choose that name for your blog?

I chose Outnumbered 3 to 1 because I am outnumbered in a house full of 3 boys, and I wanted something original that I haven't seen before

3. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging at ShimmerMeBlue in December of last year to help promote my handmade jewelry and my Etsy shop. I soon joined quite a few different forums and learned about reviews and giveaways. This really interested me, so I tried it out and I was hooked. I love to try new stuff and i love to write, so this was perfect for me.

4. What kind of stuff do you cover with your blog? Is there a specific genre you write about or is the sky the limit?

I write about parenting, everyday life, random ramblings, join in on fun weekly memes and great products reviews and giveaways.

5. Name one thing that you love about your blogging job.

I just love connecting with people and sharing my thoughts and feelings with others. I have met some wonderful people since I started blogging, people that I would definitely call my friends.

6. Name one thing your not so fond of about your blogging job.

I don't know a whole lot about all of the technical stuff, and sometimes that really frustrates me. It can get really annoying if I'm trying to figure something out and it's just not working the way I want it to.

7. What's one random fun fact about you?

I'm like a big kid. I love to have fun, play with the kids, whatever.

8. Inspiration comes in many forms for different people. What inspires you?

My kids and boyfriend for starters; and just seeing something, like an object or whatever and thinking of what I can do with it.

9. Any advice for other bloggers?

Don't get sucked in and think that you have to be better than the others because it will just tear at you, and blogging is supposed to be a fun outlet. Also visit other blogs. No one will want to keep coming to yours if you don't take the time to see what they have to say.

10. Where else can we find you(Etsy shop, other blog, twitter, facebook, etc)?

You can find me:

So go ahead and check out Melissa's blog(s)! I can tell you from personal experience she is an amazing person and a great blogger =]

Until next time.
Love and Energies.

Death Seems to Happen in Threes

I have heard from multiple people that 'people always tend to die in threes' and after yesterday, I definitely believe it. I mean who could know that Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson would die on the same day? More bizarre yet, Farrah, Michael, and Ed McMahon within a whopping two days?

It was a very sad day yesterday. I woke up and saw the headlines on AOL and Yahoo that Farrah had lost her battle with cancer and had passed away. I feel bad now for not having kept up with the story when it was happening. Watching the specials, it appeared that she died surrounded by the ones she loved and peacefully, without pain. That's all anyone can ask for having gone through the struggle she did.

Michael was more of a surprise. Actually, a pure shock to be honest. I keep thinking about it and I can't wrap my mind around it. We watched the breaking news bulletin that couldn't get anything right-First he was fine and in the hospital, then he was dead, and after that he was in a coma, and then finally after so many contradicting stories, they acknowledged that he had in fact died of heart failure. The thing about this story is your not sure what's true and what's not-We don't know exactly what he died from because of so many stories so I guess time will tell.

And Ed. That wasn't too much of a shock since he was 86, but it was still a sad happening. Even though I didn't know much about Ed McMahon, I knew that he was somewhat of a legend and even though he has passed away, the good he brought to people's lives will live on.

So people die in threes and in the past two days, we have lost three amazing icons and even more three amazing people. Their memories will continue on because of the wonderful impact they had on society.

Rest In Peace You All.

Love and Energies.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Health Update Thursday

This week has been a very rough trial on every aspect of my life: physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally. The only thing that keeps me going at this point in time is my blog and my business.

  • I can't go to school and even when I try to, I just have to stop because it's to stressful on me.
  • Most of my friends have lives of their own and even when they have spare time they don't visit anymore.
  • There really is no where to go when I'm feeling well enough because I've been everywhere you can go in Rockford and the surrounding areas.

Maybe this is all because of my mental state. I'm emotional and there is nothing I can do to make it go away. It's that damn roller coaster that I can't stand to be on. I feel every emotion you can possibly think of and then some in the span of 20 minutes and it's like it's on repeat. I don't mind so much the emotions, but what I mind is how rapidly I change moods. No one knows how I'm going to be feeling the next time they talk to me and I think it may scare some of them away.

I also feel bad that I haven't talked to much of anyone in the past few weeks. It's just too hard to talk to my friends or be around them anymore because I'm so emotionally unstable and I don't want to scare them, hurt them(which is a good possibility), say something that I'll regret later on, etc etc.

Sorry to be dumping this on everyone but I figure I have a right to a whoa is me post now and again.

Anyway, here is an update on what's going on medically:

  1. I wasn't able to start that new doctor and the hydrogen peroxide IVs last Monday because the doctor missed his flight. The sucky thing about that is he is only open two days a week and now we have to wait until the 29th of June for another appointment.
  2. The guy in Kansas that we have been reading up on and debating on going to is probably a no go. Two weeks down there(which is the minimal amount we would be spending) will cost us 6 to 10 grand that we don't have.
  3. I'm on a homeopathic detox treatment for heavy metals and parasites from the naturopath that I'm seeing that totally kicked my butt last Saturday. The drops I took in water had me on the toilet all day(sorry for the TMI moment) with a bucket in my hand throwing up what little I had in my body. And when I wasn't on the toilet I was writhing on the ground in pain because it felt like my stomach and everything else in the vicinity was being ripped apart and set on fire.
  4. Also Saturday, it was quite hot here-It hit up in the middle to upper 80's and I made the mistake of going to an outdoor holistic health fair at our local natural food store without any sort of protection. So on top of the treatment from hell, I got sun poisoning.
  5. I think 3 and 4 combined was why I became so violently ill. Now I'm a tad bit scared to go out into the sun again O.o
  6. I'm still in search of a good counselor and or psychologist. If your in the Rockford area and know of a decent someone, please let me know!

I think that is about it. I told you there really wasn't a lot that went on this week. Well, there was mentally for me, but there is no way to describe that torture to all of you so I'm just leaving it at what I stated above. Thanks for listening to my rant!

Love and Energies.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Proposal*Movie Review*


Minor Spoiler Alert

My sister and I have been both wanting to see The Proposal since the trailers came out and finally last Friday, we were able to(we dragged her boyfriend along too). Any movie with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds has to be good, right?!

It was weird seeing Sandra Bullock play a complete bitch in this movie(I just kept seeing her in Miss Congeniality and Practical Magic), but I think it added some more to the respect I have for her as an actress. And Ryan-there is only one thing to say--Hott-ay(It needed the extra syllable)! So of course I had no problem at all watching him on the big screen-Lol-

Here is my personal synopsis on the movie:

Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is the executive editor-in-chief of a book publishing company, Colden Books. You can tell she is a bitch in the beginning of the movie because she strikes fear into the heart of every employee in the office-They see her coming and they spread the word 'the witch is coming' via IM.

Enter her poorly treated assistant, Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds), who has been working under the devils wing for two whole years doing her bidding without so much as a contradictory word.

This all changes drastically when Margaret is pulled into the higher ups office and told that her visa application to be in the United states has been denied and she has to be deported to her native country of Canada. As she tries to find a way to stay, in walks Andrew(Ryan) and in a panicked moment, she blurts out that they are in love and to be married.

Of course, that changes everything! They must go to the immigration office and file paperwork so she can stay, but before they do that, Andrew demands that he be raised to editor. Stuck between a rock and deportation, Margaret accepts his demands and off to the office to fill out paperwork. In walks the 'hard ass' (and I say that in the most loose term) government official that knows these two are faking engagement just so she can stay in the United States and he will do whatever it takes to bring out the truth!

I don't want to give too much away, but from that point on in the movie it just got sweeter and funnier. It's one of those feel good movies that makes you laugh and feel along with the characters. Of course it's going to be a chick flick, but seriously, what's wrong with a good chick flick?

Honestly, this wasn't the best movie I have ever seen, but it's a very good movie that is most definitely worth the watch! Of course Betty White doesn't hurt the film at all-She is truly a wonderful actress and I respect her immensely :D

Here is some technical information:

  • It's rated PG-13 for sexual content, nudity and language.
  • Runtime: 107 minutes
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Color: Color
  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1

Hopefully you all go out and give this movie a watch. Let me know how you all like it too :D As for my first movie review, what did you think? Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

Love and Energies.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Swimming in the Street

Swimming in the Street
*No, that isn't a pool!

This summer picture was taken after an amazing thunderstorm in front of a neighbors house. Their street is somewhat bowl-like so after a really good rainstorm, it floods like no other. So my sister and I just decided to go out and swim in the street :D

It was so much fun!

Thanks in large part to for their wonderful sponsorship program.

Online Printing Company is a leading online provider of business cards, color brochures and mailing postcards

Mailbox Monday

I won a giveaway over at, The World of Pet's Unleashed. The funny thing is I didn't realize I had won the thing until the third email they sent! -Lol-

I had forgotten the fact that I had entered the contest and I guess I didn't see the second place prize was the DVD Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts. Next thing I know I got an email saying I was chosen as a winner!

I got my DVD on Wednesday so I'm anxious to watch it and see if it's worth the watch. Keep coming back to see the review :D

I got this little lovely Stiletto Stylist Kit from Foot complements of a giveaway Annette over at Fairy Blog Mother held and I was so shocked to see I had won!

Completely forgot about entering the contest(which shows you how many contests I enter on a daily basis) and was pleasantly surprised when I got the winning email.

Now all I need to do is go buy me a pair of cute little strappy heels to go with the kit! hehe

I got my coupon for a free candy bar from the Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act(bless them). Of course I can't have milk chocolate(and yes, I am crying a little bit-Lol-) because of my diet so I lovingly and begrudgingly gave it to my daddy who loves chocolate, candy, and anything free.

I guess it was a good start to his Father's Day early. Lol

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Slapdash Sunday

Slap*dash[slap-dash]: Adjective; meaning hasty and careless; offhand.
I.E. A slapdash answer.

So, there is Aloha Fridays, Take Me Back Tuesdays and Win it Wednesdays. I wanted to come up with a fun new little day just for Sunday because Sunday seems to be forgotten a lot and or cast aside.

So vuala!

Slapdash Sunday

I chose to do Slapdash Sunday because there are all those little things during the week that you seem to either forget to post because they are so little or not even bother posting them because, again, they are just too little.

And of course I liked the word Slapdash {ha ha}

Every little tidbit, random idea(especially random anything), fleeting thought and half hour or less projects will from now on be meant for Sundays where they can be packed into one meaningful post :D

Let me know if you want to grab the graphic cause then I will totally make it fun sized and easy to post!

1. Chocolate is my lover.

2. I haven't been getting a lot in the mail the past two weeks and I'm wondering if the mail is getting slower or I'm just getting more impatient. I know that I have more stuff coming, it's just taking a heck of a long time to get here!

3. I haven't got more then 36 crappy hours of sleep this past week.
*I read somewhere that you can die from lack of sleep O.o

4. My LD induced OCD is coming out real bad along with the mental issues. Everything drives me crazy!

5. True Blood ^,.,^
*That's my little vampire emoticon

6. Happy Father's Day! I wish there was something that I could do for my dad, but I just don't know what anymore. He just goes out and buys what he wants. Lol

7. This was how tired I was yesterday after not sleeping a wink from Friday night until Saturday morning
(and don't ask me why I find this so funny, but I laugh every time I think of it now).
One of the blogs I follow posted a video and the post was titled 'UFO over Kings Dominion
' and I thought it said 'UFO over Burger King's Domination.'


Father's Unite!

My Daddy and I when I was quite little

Happy Father's Day! my father and to all the other father's out there! This is your guys' day so make the most of it :D

But seriously, I love my daddy!! He has his quarks *rolls eyes* but what father doesn't? The most important thing is that he is always supportive of me and my sister in whatever we do and he has been there 90% of the time with my illness.

That is all I could ever ask for! I just wish I could do more for him on his special day, you know? He doesn't want anything because if he did he would have gone out and got the doggone thing himself.

I guess I just hope that he knows he is still loved and adored even though my sister and I are almost 19 and 20(he has been depressed ever since my sister graduated high school).

Love you Daddy!

Make sure you tell your dad, grandfather, stepfather or whoever that you appreciate everything they do for you too.

Love and Energies.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wizard of Oz Weather

That is the photograph my friend sent me via picture message from her phone yesterday.
(We both fancy ourselves tornado chasers in a strictly stationary sense)

I swear though, If I was given the chance, I would definitely go out there and try my hand at chasing storms(what can I say; I come by it naturally from my mum)!!

Yesterday was so amazing! The storms were just raging from midnight Thursday morning until about 10:00 pm Friday evening. The only downer of the whole storm-thing was that I couldn't make it next door for a graduation party because it was just raining cats and dogs for a good solid hour and by the time we wheeled me down our driveway, down the sidewalk, up their driveway and up the two steps into their house, I would have needed a towel to dry off.

But isn't that picture something!? Apparently, she sent me the Wizard of Oz sound effects, but I didn't get the sound clip. Lol

Just thought I would share with everyone!
Love and Energies.

Monday, June 15, 2009

What a Weekend.

Oy, did I totally overdo it this weekend.

I'm still suffering from a S.C.F.H. For those of you who don't know what that means, here is a short definition:

Sugary Crap Food Hangover{Adjective}-The after effects of eating too much sugar, junk food, and or food that causes you immense suffering. Also Known As: Food Coma

I.E. "I'm feeling the sugary crap food hangover starting to kick in from all that partying I did this weekend."

Along with my S.C.F.H., I really did overdo it this weekend. From the stress of getting ready for the party to the stress of having the family come in for the weekend to the physical and mental stress I was under the whole two weeks before hand...It all has proven to be too much for my body to handle.

So, I'm sad to say I'm taking another break-For how long, I'm not sure. We will see how long this lasts and then go from there.

I have my first hydrogen peroxide treatment today so wish me luck on that! Hopefully it will finally get me out of bed...One can only wish. I promise to keep you guys updated.

Love and Energies.

Mailbox Monday

Welcome everyone to another Mailbox Monday! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it is Monday, but hey it's better to make it positive then dread the whole day and waste that negative energy!

It was a skimpy mail week! I was so disappointed when my mum and sister would come in from getting the mail each day and there wasn't anything for me ='[

Anyway, here is what was in my mailbox this week:

If you remember, I did a feature for BrownBelly on Etsy a couple weeks back(you can view the feature Here) and Noelle was nice enough to offer me something to review as well! I was all over this deal and quickly fell in love with the Breezy Wrap Pants pictured to the left. It took them a little bit to get here from the Philippines, but I got them on Tuesday and went head over heels for them the instant I put them on =] Granted, it took a little configuring, but I managed. -Lol- But seriously, these pants are so awesome I can't even begin to explain!

I can't wait to do the review ^.^

I had won a bottle of Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash from Melissa over at Outnumbered 3 to 1 and it just arrived Friday! The funny thing about that is my dad isn't used to OTHER people getting packages-Since he was a rep for a large tool company and now that he transferred to lawn and garden, he is usually the one who gets all the packages. Now that I have started my business, blogging and winning giveaways, It's reversed roles. So he opened the door the UPS guy, got the package, didn't even look at it who it was addressed to(assuming it was for him) and opened it.

Well, you can imagine his surprise when it was a bottle of Caress body wash! Lmao.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Health Update Thursday

So I have decided to do something different with Health Advice Thursday. I know, It went from Monday to Thursday and how there is going to be more changes?! Well I have found that keeping up with the advice part is what's getting me, so Thursdays are going to be dedicated to advice when I think of it, as well as, My updates.

I figure I started blogging for me, why not let there be a weekly post dedicated to my progress and well being?

So on with my update:

*The cold/flu/sinus infection/herx thing(whatever it was) is mostly gone, but it has left remnants of symptoms that will probably be with me for awhile longer yet. But that's what usually happens when I get sick. It takes me longer to recover then most people.

*Besides the remnants of the flu thing, I'm not doing very good. Physically I'm about the same(no changes), but my mental state is starting to slip again. My mental health gets worse then any physical pain sometimes, so this undoubtedly worries me. I have requested the services of a counselor, but I'm not sure if were going to find one suitable for my needs because they are either:

A. Ungodly expensive
B. Not Lyme Literate

And if they aren't LL then there really is no point in going to them because they wouldn't understand anyway.

*I'm going to be starting the hydrogen peroxide IVs next week so hopefully that will induce some sort of improvement, even if it's very little.

*I went and had colonics done on Tuesday and let me tell you(without going into unneeded TMI info), It was the most uncomfortable experience I have been through In a long time. But hey, you gotta do whatcha gotta do, right?

*I go to the doctor today for a meyer and a B 12, so hopefully that will perk me up some.

*There is talk of me going on a no sugar diet. I'm a little sketchy with the details but I'll let you know the details when they happen.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Movie Synopsis from Amazon:

"MIRRORMASK is the story of Helena, who works for the family circus, and wishes--quite ironically--that she could run away and join real life. But such is not to be the case, as she finds herself on a strange journey into the Dark Lands, a fantastic landscape filled with giants, Monkeybirds and dangerous sphinxes. Helena searches for the Mirrormask, an object of enormous power that is her only hope of escaping the Dark Lands, waking the Queen of Light and returning home."

For more information on the storyline and characters, visit Here.

And if you want to view the Movie's homepage, visit Here.

I have never done a DVD/movie review before, so here it goes! Quite honestly, I LOVED this movie. When my friend suggested it as one of the movies we should watch, I was a curious because for one, I had never heard of the movie(and I usually hear about every movie) and for another, it looked like it was something I would like.

When we started watching it, I was a little unimpressed because it was confusing. I tried to stay with it, but found myself drifting a few times. Then little by little I started getting sucked into the story and before you knew it I was laughing, crying, and of course, yelling and talking back to the computer screen(which you will find I do a lot with movies I enjoy). Lol

It's one of those something-bad-happens-and-you-have-to-find-yourself movies, and even though that angle is done to death, they pulled it off! It has stunning visual effects and it's just...different. I think that's the reason I like it the most-It's not a normal kind of movie.
Along with my love for the movie, the soundtrack is To.Die.For! Again, very different type of music to go along with the different type of movie :D

The one thing that did surprise me was that it was only PG, but now that I look back, there really wasn't anything bad in it.

Warning: It may scare kids under 5 years of age

DVD Information from Amazon:
  • Format: AC-3, Color, Dolby, Dubbed, DVD-Video, Subtitled, Widescreen, NTSC
  • Language: English, Portuguese, French
  • Subtitles: Chinese, English, French, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
  • Studio: Sony Pictures
  • DVD Release Date: February 14, 2006
  • Run Time: 101 minutes
DVD Special Features:

• Director and writer commentary
• Neil Talks - Interview with writer Neil Gaiman

• Dave Talks about Film - Interview with director Dave McKean
• Beginnings - The Genesis of Mirrormask
• Cast & Crew Interviews

• Day 16 - Time lapse video of one entire day of production
• Flight of the Monkeybirds - Making the monkey bird sequence
• Giants Development - Design and creation of the giant sequence
• Questions & Answers - Q&A sessions from the San Diego Comic-Con
• Poster and Cover Art Gallery

All in all, if your an indie type person, I think this movie is for you! You should definitely give it a watch and see what you think. Even though it looks a little weird, I assure you it's one amazing movie!

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Cute Little Video About Owls

I came across this little educational film when I was making my local blog rounds. It is the CUTEST little thing you would ever want to see :D

For those of you who didn't know, the Owl is my spiritual animal totem, so it automatically makes it my favorite animal! Anything to do with the Owl I love and or want. Lol

I guess this was made by a teacher for his class. Watch and enjoy!

Love and Energies.


Mailbox Monday

I'm back! Hopefully for a good chunk of time, too. Whatever I had whether it was flu, sinus infection, allergies, a herx, or all of the above, it Knocked.Me.Out. I was down for a good 4 days before I got started back to commenting and writing posts for this week. I'm still a little off kilter(if that's a real word) but for lack of a better term, 'the show must go on!' Lol

I think I'm going to use Thursday's posts from now on as health updates along with my advice. I suppose you will see when Thursday rolls around =]

So onto Mailbox Monday!

Here is what was in my mailbox this past week:

1. I had watched a movie with my friend when she came over the other week called Mirrormask and Oh.My.God, I LOVE it! So of course, I went online and found the best company ever on Ebay called Movie Marz (review to follow) to buy it from! It finally came to me last Tuesday and I can't wait to watch it :D

2. I was a bit worried when I bought my English 101 book online because I didn't know if it would make it here in time for class today, but it came on Thursday. It was perfect! Instead of spending an UNGODLY amount at the class bookstore(I swear they are off to rip us already broke college students off) I got it for a mere $30.00, NEW I might add.

I won this amazing inspirational CD from Valerie over at Sweeps4Bloggers. I got it Saturday and was very excited because this is right up my ally! If you visit the Play and Sunshine website, you will find some samples of the songs on the soundtrack, as well as, some tools on how to use the soundtrack to help you enhance your professional life. I hope to do a review on this in the near future :D

Monday, June 1, 2009

I Feel....

I feel like I have been hit by a mac truck. And not just once-The body hitting mac truck backed up and hit me again.

Repeat that process a few times and you have me.

Last night, I don't know what it was, but I was hit hard and fast with allergies or a flu bug or a herx from the borax I have been drinking.

So needless to say, I'm confirming the fact that I'm going to be taking the next few days off to recoop.

I'll probably end up writing some posts anyway and commenting on other people's posts, but if I don't answer your emails, this is why.

Hope everyone is having a better day then I am!

Love and Energies.